Discussion in 'OTC' started by gun-bunny, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. just wondered what everyone's thoughts on MTQ2 are. I've just started it this year and am finding it so mind nmbingly boring. 1st year was all fun and action and this year is just death by powerpoint. I know we have to learn the 7 questions and orders process, but maybe they could do it over 2 years and spend more time doing the fun activities we all joined up for. Our numbers are seriously dwindling already because everyone's hating it. Just wanted to know how other OTCs are doing with it.
  2. Well, at Southampton UOTC, MTQ 2 only takes up term one...and the actual test weekend is the first weekend of December.

    So after X-Mas its onto fun stuff like Corps Weekends, Field Weekends, Unit FTX, Summer camp and Module 3 if you really want.
  3. that sounds better, we don't do our exam till Easter so are TEWTs continuously till then
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. lol, you wouldn't say that if you saw us doing them.
  6. Gun-bunny
    Sympathy on your plight. However as an ex-boss of an OTC my view is that MTQ2 is justified (rightly) as a hurdle that must be crossed to ensure a certain military knowledge and competence in an OTC; otherwise it can be open to accusation of being a non military, tax funded drinking club.

    We did it over one term to make it short if not sweet and to avoid knowledge fade.

    Good luck and chin up.
  7. which OTC are you? I thought most did it between Oct-Dec?

  8. Amen.

    Did you not actually bother to look at the whole picture when you joined? You must have realised that the fun and games wouldn't last for three years?! Although personally I found it got better after MTQ2 because you had lost a lot of the dead weights and formed a smallish group that then went on to do various exercises together and infact had more drinking fun!
  9. I remember saying nearly exactly the same thing when I was in your position some years ago now!
    I thought it was shite, I was dismayed about losing so many friends, but now that I look back, it was a cracking time, and the group that remained stuck together for everything and formed the core for the rest of my time there.

    So just get through this. Incidentally, if you're planning to go Reg/TA, it could be quite useful to pay attention!
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Or maybe you could just join the uni climbing club, skydiving association etc etc instead and the UOTC could re-role to provide something of use to the Nation/Army.
  12. Or try and get onto the fast-track MTQ2 they at least used to do over the Easter break. Means you're mtq1 and mtq2 trained by the end of your first year, for all of a 5-7 day course!

    Obviously that was CUOTC, but other otcs were there, Leeds and Sheffield if I remember right.
  13. The easter break one for Sheffield is for people that failed at Christmas
  14. i know it's necessary and yes very useful if i go onto Sandhurst after uni, i'm not arguing that. i'm just saying there must be a better way to teach it instead of spending a whole year on it so we can do some fun stuff and keep the numbers up as well. as for joining the climbing club - not of much use to my future career, and even though i'm moaning, i do love the OTC, just can't wait for summer when the troop training starts again.

    IW, i'm GSUOTC - the mightiest and the best ;)
  15. Sheffield do MTQ2 in December, the rest of the year is spent putting it to good use with two "major" exercises building up to camp.
    Incidentally last year the mtq2 pass rate was 100% so it can be taught in a relatively "short" period