MTP when will it be issued

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by geom, May 9, 2010.

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  1. right im deploying in September and as of yet don't have any afghan equipment at all and our QM's don't have any. im also hearing rumours that MTP wont be issued to all infantry battalions which brings up some concerns. i have heard paras and scots have it already but not all 16 AA have it yet. anyone know what the crack is.
  2. If you are due to get it you will be given it...
  3. You'll be issued it in time for your medal parade when you get back.
  4. The Gunners are wearing it in Larkhill.
  5. I thought they were at Fulham today?
  6. Very Good, edited for being a mong! :D
  7. So suddenly the kit that everyone has been using is completely useless because there is now new limited issue kit :wink:

    Give it a few years and all the old sweats will be in dessert combats :D
  8. well if im definitely getting MTP then i can look at multi-cam kit such as pouches daysack's and possibly even clothing. looking at using the american under body armour stuff if its really so similar to MTP. i think their stuff is better. The dryfire material is more comfortable.
  9. You will get it in time, if not try EBAY
  10. mate, im totally with you there. what kinda rifle are you thinkin of gettin? im torn between the L115A3 and maybe some kind of AK if i can pick 1 up out there. let me know bud.
  11. Wow I didn't know you could take your own kit!! Can I take my granddads tin helmet instead of my mk6a? It's got an ace of spades and a packet of lucky strike stuck on the side as well>
  12. Mine says 8 Ball on it, and I took a ****-off massive machete with me on my last tour too. Looks the nuts.
  13. dont know about the rest of 16 brigade but we (5 scots) havent seen any mtp combats somebody is giving you duff info
  14. I too am in 16 Bde and our QM's Dept has been told to wait out for the kit by the BOWO...

    You're not alone
  15. 5 Scots will receive MTP when their Jocks stop injecting heroin whilst on leave.

    Therefore you should receive your first shipment of MTP in or around July 2078.