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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by 2/51, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. My understanding is that MTP was introduced to negate the need for multiple uniforms.

    So, how come I have just seen a "desert" version of MTP that is much more washed out and pale?

    Never seen it before and I have to say, it looks extremely light in colour.

    Is this new kit or perhaps a trial that has been dropped?

    Just curious incase I have to spend another fortune for my walt wardrobe ;)
  2. Should add, this was all brand new stuff still wrapped up and with labels, not old surplus kit that had been hammered out in "the 'ghan".
  3. Temperate and Tropical
  4. Depends where you saw it I suppose.
  5. I got 'Warm Weather' MTP for Herrick. Coming back to my TAC I got issued more MTP which is slightly darker. Guess its cold weather stuff.
  6. Definitely not heard of any colour alterations (not that I'm on any special mailing lists, admittedly) and I've had both temperate and warm weather issue. The colouring is very, very slightly different, perhaps due to the warm weather issue being of a ripstop material.
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  7. Because the very first CS95 versions were rushed in, the colour mix was slightly lighter than optimum. That was corrected for the PCS versions.
  8. I have alerted Paris and Milan.
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  9. and Beneton?
  10. ugly

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    No he does script writing now!
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  11. Ok, maybe my point was missed...

    MTP was brought in, I believe, to stop the "problem" of having different colour schemes ie, Desert DPM, Temperate DPM and Junglies.

    But it now appears that there is differences in MTP colour schemes (even possibly a "cold weather pattern), so basically, we are back to square one again.

    The stuff I saw was not CS95 but brand new, current issue kit. Clearly states on the label "MTP - Desert Pattern" and then something about copywrite and registration.

    The MVP jacket was extremely lightweight, almost like a rip stop pertex, but waterproof.
  12. Does it really matter?
  13. Not Primark?
  14. Isn't he busy chasing deer?
  15. This.... this is the answer.