MTP that you can buy - almost. The inevitable consequence of MoD restrictions?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by This_Tribe_Rob, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. This_Tribe_Rob

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    You would have to be a well practiced and skilled camouflage spotter to spot whether someone is dressed in MTP or a new camouflage made by Coating Applications Group, one of the official MTP manufacturers. The camouflage is Vista ATP and it will be appearing shortly on products from Dixie's Corner and Vanguard (ARRSEr In-the-Van).

    Vista could be seen as the inevitable consequence of the MoDs strict protection of MTP, and the problems of Multicam (expensive, not good enough match with MTP for clothing, difficult for manufacturers to deal with Crye). It's great news for anyone wanting to buy MTP compatible equipment.

    I sat down to write a short piece on Vista and it turned in to a bit of an essay on the MoD, MTP, Crye and Vista. Comments welcome as always, whether here, on our blog or on Facebook.

    If there's interest in more detail from the cam spotters out there, let me know and I'll descend in to the depths of patterns, fabrics and IRR.

    Spot the shirt:


    MTP shirt on Vista (500 dernier waterproof cordura)