MTP surplus

If you want to buy it get it from Cyre Precision. Lots of bods wearing their kit as does a good job with built in knee pads, better fit, better wicking material (UBACS).
Have you seen the ******* price of it though?
First and second look like Crye Field Pants and shirt in Multicam. Last looks like a Crye combat shirt, the daddy of UBACS. Smock may be Canadian. All Multicam. All better quality than our issue MTP. The trousers will need a shaped knee pad available from Crye. NOT the one that projects through the knee. Look for Field not Combat.
The Combat shirt will need Combat shirt elbow pads.
Worth every penny if you can get em in your size.
I'm sure the official line is "oooh noooo!"
most people will be hard pressed to tell the difference.
Combat shirt body is a different colour with better taller collar and through elbow pads. Field shirt and trousers just much better made.
No, the only people who wear Crye gear are 'them'. Unless you want to look like a walt...

The clothing change over from DPM to MTP is only 50% complete with only those deployed forward of MOBs wearing it. Bastion and KAF are mainly still in deserts.



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Question is would we be allowed to use it in place of our issued MTP in theatre
I suspect as Boris says you would have to have a rather sharp eye to tell the difference. It seems to me that the difference is the same between UK DPM and Dutch DPM - a cock hair in it. But as I've only seen multicam yet I will bow to superior knowledge.
That's the older pattern shirt. The body is a better "Khaki" colour. For some bizarre reason the Gen 2 version has a grey body. Bloody good value for money.
Gotta be honest our MTP is pretty well put together.
Just that Crye is nice.
The Arctyrxzmnum is stupidly over priced.
The Official line is that there should be no cross of Multicam and MTP, also MTP kit should be not sold when its finished with, it should all be destroyed, this is from the Civi who rights off all orders for kit for MTP. However the whole of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Anglians should by now have Rank Slides made from Multicam (I facilitated the order if anyone is wondering how I know this) and I have sold a fair amount of Multicam kit to serving forces. I do not know how they are going to regulate this and when I asked I was told that the RSM's should be dealing with this, and just by chance WO1 Multicam Rank slides are my 3rd biggest seller of Rank slides in Multicam so they may find that the razzers are not going to enforce this too much. I think that there may be a lot of policy changes in the future.
On a similar note, last night I found someone on ebay selling current issue MTP jacket and trousers (still in the bags) along with a brand new Mk 7 helmet.
I think the smock is a camo called 'Camogrom'. It is Polish. The GROM being the acronym for their 'Them'. I have a mate who sells it in his surplus shop. He says the quality is great and sensible prices too.

Great for airsoft walts !

Yes I saw that as well. see if I can dig up the linky

MTP Multicam shirt and trousers, BNIB, rare!! on eBay (end time 22-Aug-10 19:56:49 BST)

Don't know about the helmet though, was under the impression the sale of items like that was restricted, I can't even purchase them from my supplier which is a MOD disposals contractor, used to be allowed, but now the sale of ALL kevlar items is restricted, that includes the police stab vests, CBA, Mk6's, plates, etc


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A mate of mine's unit has been given the thumbs up to wear normal multicam as well as the issue MTP. However i'm sure this common sense won't be seen Army wide.
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