mtp softie

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mogwaimarshall, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. hi has anyone purchased a mtp softshell of ebay. im looking at getting some warm kit, so just wondered what people were going for and any recommend dations.

    i see they sell one on ebay but its from china so a bit dubious
  2. Try the search.
  3. i did nothing came up
  4. Typing 'mtp softshell' into Search turned up 103 results in .18 seconds.
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  5. still doesnt cover what im looking for lol
  6. Lol? Is Lol your boyfriend?
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  7. You are a cretin.

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  8. always one cock on this site
  9. Correct. You're it.
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  10. Lots of cocks on this site. Polish your spurs and jump in the pit... oh, you already did.
  11. Fucking lol? Jailbird told you exactly what you were looking for and you say lol? Disrespectful cunt. Give your stub of a dick a go over with an electric planer.
  12. MTP softie jackets look gay as fuck.
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  13. Doesn't matter Fally, because that's not what he's looking for, you see. We all fell for his cunning little trap. I'm so ashamed.
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  14. Still a good outlet to get some shit off the liver Mark.