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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by machiavelli, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. As i am in a rush i haven't got time to search the site to see if this has been asked before - i'm throwing myself at the mercy of all and sundry;

    Has anyone found any tape that is MTP couloured (or Crye as it is vitually indistinguishable). There has been a recent edict about the wearing of Sniper tape and scrim on helmets. The issue being that the Mk6 helmet covers do not fit well on the Mk 7 helmets is why wear it but hey ho some 2 star in LWC has got upset..........

    So in order to play the system at its own game and not 'reduce the camoflage capability of the helmet' i am after some MTP tape that will do the same job without irritating the grown ups

    Any suggestions - i've already tried RV Ops but they haven't seen anything like it.

    Answers appreciated as soon as possible due to an imminent deployment.

  2. Aren't they introducing a bespoke Mk7 helmet cover soon..? I think I saw it in Soldier mag.

    Being a desk polishing REMF at the mo, I'm not up on the latest helmet cover dramas - is everyone expected to fit a Mk6 cover (which barely fitted the Mk6/6a helmets anyway!) to the completely different shaped Mk7 helmet?
  3. Disciple SF Multi-Camo Helmet Cover :

    Have a look at one of these as a plan B. If they're giving away Mk 6 helmet covers with Mk 7 Helmet they can hardly bitch if you have to black nasty the thing up.

    Re the scrim, Multicam, no matter how effective it is, does not break up the helmet outline as sucessfully as scrim unless the helmet cover is a Multicam Mitznefet. This sounds like a joke and whoever is pushing this should be pointed in the general direction of the Battalion Sniper teams and told to ask them what they think of this idea. The prick in question is obviously bucking for an OBE. And should the card carrying genius in question then say "Well how come our uniform isn't covered in scrim" just windmill into him and when he's lying on the ground just say Mobility Vs Camouflage.
  4. I was given a Mk7 helmet cover, not a brilliant fit but it works...cue sniper tape and netting though....
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  5. OG tape normally used for repairing NBC suits - Free from Expense store
    Black marker pen or Cam Cream to break up the colour - Free from Expense store
    Same product renamed 'Sniper Tape' - between 5 and 20 beer sheckles off the internet
    You choose
  6. What's this thing now for scrimming up your helmet ? I thought it was just an airborne thing.
  7. Problem with sniper tape is that it creates a straight edge. Cue Why Things Are Seen lesson. Netting covers the camouflage thereby zapping its effect.

    Head, neck and lid are a very easily recognisable shape. From my war dodger POV the Mitznefet would seem to make great sense, but plenty o'scrim would probably work.
  8. fuhk that it looks ally!!! get said sniper tape and spray it a dark OD does the job, PM if you need any help
  9. Nope, Our Short friends with Big Knives do it too.
  10. Eh? It was the normal thing to do for years before helmet covers came in.
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  11. None of the Gurkhas in my last two units have done it. They've all had standard helmets with standard covers.
  12. they used to use big sheets of rusty wire wool to cover things, if i remember my fieldcraft days helmet edge is recognisable at 200ms. Tactical bounds, and use of terrain is just as important, cover from view is not cover from fire.
  13. Steely eyed dealers of death with LAW66 (?) - ally as fook!

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  14. They're doing it out in Theatre