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MTP Reversal

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I have heard that the Forces are binning the PCS cut MTP uniforms and returning to the previous CS95 cut uniforms
is this true.
We get a really good comfortable uniform and all the bullshit brigade can do is moan about it being scruffy. Well brilliant, back to re-tucking in my shirt every 5 minutes. It was too good to last.
It's a ******* stupid idea. And if you look like a tramp wearing PCS then that's probably because you are a tramp, and you'd look like a tramp in a Saville Row suit.

Rolling up sleeves and tucking in will look more shit than down and out.
Get rid of the arm pockets ! where am I gonna put my fags ? Also arm pocket are a really good idea when your wearing body armour.
That's the problem. Chimps are railing at teh current dress, but what about the lads on the ground?

When wearing webbing you can get in to the chest pockets with ease, and you can stick some stuff int he arm pockets (useful if in a constrained space such as a drivers pit or at a gun), and the lads n the ground can stick padding in to the forearms.

The clue in the name... Combats. Barrack dress.
I was in Kabul routinely doing a desk job but frequently went out of the wire. Wearing UBACS wasn't appropriate due to where I worked and the fact that it was bloody cold. The PCS lwt jkt was exactly what was needed; it looked smart enough to attend meetings with senior coalition and ANSF personnel but was well suited to wear body armour over it. The sleeve pockets are very well thought out; even the angle they are at works well - if you look at the US equivalent and the old UBACS for example the sleeve pockets are vertical meaning you need to be double jointed to get anything out of them. I understand the reasoning for the large velcro panels but feel we could have just used the introduction of a new uniform to try and get away from looking like overgrown boy scouts and done away with the need for anything but the Union Flag.

Most people who complain about it probably only wear it in barracks and honestly believe that if you deploy you can wear UBACS all year round as you'll have body armour on. As a combat uniform it works well and the numpties who want to turn it into a smart in-barracks uniform seriously miss the point!
Surely when he said sleeve pockets he meant the useless things on the forearms for elbow pads? I got mine in time of the Olympics, and when we were told sleeves up was acceptable (still tucked out), that was more the problem than the arm pockets.

Overall I like the new kit. If you want to look smart, wear BD. But, I concede that the arm pockets are a pain when sitting in a crowded lecture hall or when taking daysacks off!

Has anybody been given the new boots yet? Brown leather?
Surely when he said sleeve pockets he meant the useless things on the forearms for elbow pads? I got mine in time of the Olympics, and when we were told sleeves up was acceptable (still tucked out), that was more the problem than the arm pockets.

This was what I was refering to
Purely as an opinion, and based on nothing else . . .

I'm still in CS95, as I've not had any MTP/PCS (I still don't understand the distinction, and would seriously appreciate somebody making it clear).

The rules regarding the new uniform evidently haven't been made very clear, or somebody is misinterpreting them. Where I am, the bods wearing MTP are being told to iron creases into their trousers, whilst I was under the impression the uniform was meant to be pressed without creases.

So, when 46 young lads are posted out, are they to exchange their immaculately pressed kit (with creases) for brand new sets of rig, as creases are not rigour?

Personally, I believe CS95 (tucked in and sleeves up/down as per season) is a far smarter option. I AM NOT saying that we should revert back to it, or that creases and stable belts are traditional and amazing and we shouldn't lower our standards. All I mean is that it is a comfortable and smart look.

I'm sure my opinion will change when I am issued the new kit, and discover the wonders of the arm-pocket. What I do know is that I like my 95s, and most of those in MTP (whether having worn it previously or not) wish they were wearing 95s.
On the elbone pad thing, I have been wearing a DPM UBACS for the range and in the field (during the warmer months ) for a couple of years and can say elbone pads are a god send. So next time you are on the range put a bit of kip mat in the "pockets" and then tell me its a bad idea.


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I like the new uniform but in my opinion I'd like to see the pockets a bit smaller and vertical with a zip on them so you can get straight in them.
The elbow pads aren't my thing but surely the old way of putting pads in without the Velcro wads bit handier I think.
I reckon well keep PCS as is and end up with a 95 typish shirt for in camp (no doubt in and up).
This would probably keep most people happy except the barrack dress brigade.


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Same old arguments and debates.

Unfortunately, we've become obsessed with how the public percieves us and less so on whether or not the kit is the right bit of gear for the job.

CS95 and the original CS cut MTP looks smart, feels smart but is relatively no-frills and tends to damage easily.

The PCS MTP is functional, but makes you feel like, and look like, a tramp - shy of going to a tailors and having the shirt fitted to you there's not much you can do about that.

If people were really getting this excited about it, they should've kept the CS MTP for Barrack Duty and the PCS MTP only came out for field training.

Of course, that's an expensive way of doing things and would never happen.
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