MTP Phase 1 Issue?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by ScotlandsLad, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. I've heard numerous rumours that people have been getting issued with MTP in Catterick and at Foundation Colleges.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  2. Ok you haven't even been into an ACIO for an initial chat and still too young to start an application to join the why an earth do you want to know this???
  3. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    No they are not.
  4. It was for a mate, he's visiting family just now, and asked if I could find out for him.
  5. Unless we sell a hodload to the new Libyan army, there's about 50 years worth of CS95 for the ATRs and Cadets to work through first...
  6. Alright thanks.
    Just had to find out for him, as he has no way of connecting to the internet at his family's home.
  7. ATRs will be getting the issue in aug/ sep this year. Recruits have already started receiving MTP goretex.
  8. Really??? According to a PM from Gearspotter, the British Army has just received some if the ancillary items, he said Goretex would not be available this side of Christmas!!!
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  9. Meh, I seen it so I have. Few people have the MTP basha too.
  10. I've seen the Basha......on eBay!
  11. Has he got a sister?
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  12. 4X are currently being issued MTP.
  13. The goretex is on issue at ITC but god help the person that "looses" a set!!.
  14. Is it any good? You are supposed to be able to pack it down small to fit in a utility pouch.
  15. Its not too bad but i prefer the old Goretex with the wired hood as it is harder wearing. But I'm just old!!!!.