MTP/PCS Whatever the new name for it is.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Jeff.The.Chef, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Are lads in the Army today that greedy for cash that they are selling the new kit already?

    I left early last year, before my unit got issued with the new kit. But already I have seen blokes cutting around in civvy street wearing it. Are the lads selling it? Or is it cheap civvy copies being sold to the public?
  2. How very strange! Squaddies never normally sell any of their kit - and never at the end of the month when they have no money left, either. I think something should be done!
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  3. When you were in, I take it kit never went missing?
  4. Go to Flea-bay and type 'British MTP Osprey.' some bloke is selling a complete set of Mk4 with small plates!
  5. strangely enough the same bloke is getting a visit by SIB.
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  6. It was known for stuff to get sold. But this quickly? It's not like the blokes have had time to aquire extras over the years. Everything they are thinking of selling must still have wet ink on the 1157.
  7. When it first came out an MTP shirts and trousers were going for up to £70 quid each on Ebay, too right the lads are going to move fast.
  8. Who on earth would want to buy it?

    A serious question though. I wore body armour with C95 on Telic and the shirt/jacket/frock top got very sweaty wet very quickly and was less than comfortable to wear. The answer was the UBAC shirt made in that wicking type material which I'm assured worked very well.

    The new kit is made of thicker material than C95 and does not appear to have the wicking properties of the ubac shirt.

    In what way does this improve things for the people who have to wear it?
  9. UBACS aren't going away - if it's hot outside, you'll still wear one. But if it isn't hot - and you are in a vehicle maybe, or transiting between FOBs by Avn, then wearing your Body Armour over your new uniform will be a generally more comfortable experience...
  10. I saw a load of MTP bivi sheets at a surplus outlet a few months back. He had 2 big boxes of them.
  11. Surely Adjt the new jacket was specifically designed in order to replace the UBAC and save the cost of purchase!
  12. No, would you have us wear UBACS in barracks in the Summer months due to not having a lightweight Jacket to wear? Just like the CS95 MTP the clue to the use of UBACS is in the name, if, as previously stated you're in a more temperate climate the lightweight jacket can be worn under the body armour instead.
  13. @Mushroom - like @Boxy says, RTFQ - the clue is in the name. There's already an improved UBACS in the pipeline.
  14. The black bag issue kit isn't as thick as what was on initial issue.
  15. The covered buttons mean less likely to snag on cam nets - which in turn result in me swearing me head off at black o'clock in the morning...