Mtp para smock

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Airborne skygod, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Is a mtp para smock going to be made or is there any companies that sell any ?
  2. Why is there a need to produce a para smock in MTP? It's an outdated piece of kit, which almost certainly wouldn't be worth the cost of producing in MTP.
  3. To use for parachuting as thats why its a para smock and the haraldo smocks are a bit to hattish
  4. First of all, don't take this as trolling/baiting, because it's not.

    But, how often would this piece of kit be used in modern times? Would it be cost-effective (big deal in today's political climate) for the MoD to produce x number of these things for them to just sit on the backs of chairs in offices/troop rooms?
  5. Fair one but if a company made them a lot of blokes would buy them its a piece of kit that is unuiqe to the reg
  6. Fair enough, I understand it's a pride thing for guys that have done the course. I agree that a company could clean up if they got to it first, as long as the 16AA brass were ok with people wearing it.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    From the brigade commander and gearspotter on here there will be a para smock youll get issued ones smock and one para smock they will be the exact same as the old ones look on the PCS thread for info no pictures yet.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Blokes wear there smocks all the time not just for parachuting, Im not one for bullshit but they are a lot smarter in camp than the windproof/lightwieght jacket which most blokes will wear in the field.
  9. How many countries that have a unit that is parachute roled who actually feel the need for a specific jump smock ? I honestly don't know but I doubt it's many.

    Is not ordinary kit with wings on it not good enough to shout someone is para trained ? Is it like small man syndrome where you paras feel you have to really shout and do everything to get noticed rather than the quiet self confidence to be comfortable with the fact that you know who and what you are and damn everyone else being good enough ?
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  10. Jealous are you?
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  11. Maybe I'm showing my age here but the fashion for massively oversize smocks with bottom drawcord never tied off looks shi'ite in my very humble opinion regardless of the type of smock. I suppose that being from the generation that were leaner when young (not that I'm lean now!), we wore tighter clothing.

    Mind, I'm that old I think the current fashion for beret wearing is also bollox ;-)
  12. No need to be Fally ;-) You'll not find a single post of mine bashing Paras or anybody else. I remember the days when even 'Them' didn't crow about being 'Them'. Self agrandisement and crowing is a modern attention getting thing I don't get. I and my muckers always had enough confidence not to feel the need to ram it down everyone elses throat.

    Fally, the MOST modest men I've ever met are WW2 Airborne vets. Every man a fecking Emperor for sure.

    Be the grey man ...................

    Eyes about.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Generation that was leaner when were you in the first world war?

    Smocks have always been baggy originally it would be worn over equipment while jumping,when it worn with a 58 belt its both smart and ally.The current fashion of beret shaping started in the 70s so its not really new again the lads carry on a tradition.
  14. Not quite that old Jock !

    I think you'll find that the original Denison smocks were not worn over equipment. There was a sleeveless denim smock that was worn over kit and discarded after dropping. And the leg bag of course. The WW2 Germans tried the smock over equipment thing and it caused a lot of deaths on ops (especially Crete) as they couldn't get to their kit quickly enough. Are you sure you're a Para ? ;-)

    And I was referring to my era - late 70's early 80's. The sillhouete of the young squaddy was a lot slimmer than that of today. Certainly around the 'Shot back then and earlier, Denisons were worn VERY short and not at or near knee level.

    As to what please your eye - fair play, you too are entitled to an opinion and I will beg to differ.

    The beret thing i don't get. Why show the man to your left what capbadge you are when you can show the enemy who is supposed to be in front of you ? !!
  15. Its a statement we earn our beret as hats get given theirs
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