MTP / Multicam molle webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rockstar, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. I was thinking of getting myself a new decent set of webbing. I already have the molle pouches from last year's tour and was thinking of buying this:Multicam Airborne Webbing.

    Has anybody else bought anything similar and what are your experiences / thoughts?

  2. Poor quality ,any one who uses folded cordura for PALS loops ,I would steer clear of ,not as strong as webbing .

    Also you realise you dont get a bet with this ,the rigger belt is a £27 extra !!!!!
  3. I've just seen that too!

    Can you suggest an alternative?
  4. Yea, agree with thecoops,

    Its well built and the versatility was the selling point for me... Whip a pouch off and attach a serpa holster etc in seconds.

    Its comfortable under the new Osprey as well.

    I have a couple of pouches from OnPatrol and am impressed with the quality. I also went with TacticalTailor as again it's proven ground.
  5. Right mong question, are Mille belts used in conjunction with a yoke? I've seen people with both.
  6. have been using this for some time (in coyote tan), but works really well with all types of plate carriers and osprey also comes with pouches.
    UK Tactical Warrior Multicam PLB Belt
  7. Its not a mong question darling, yes you can use a yoke some belts come with attachments some you have to buy attachments but ether way it is no trouble.
  8. there are 2 types of molle belts one is your hippo pad type kit Monster like that and the other other i like to call "blast belt" type after cyre's very expensive molle belt BLAST Belt but it dose contain soft armour. "not all blast belt type of belts contain soft armour "
  9. Have seen them used in theatre but have always imagined it would be a bit of a nightmare to get stuff out of the pouches at the back whilst wearing osprey. Ideal for UK use though and can take off the pouches to put on osprey in theatre. Although I think they have upgraded the pouches they now issue recently (H13) so if your deploying soon you might wanna wait and save your money
  10. but its new and shiny
  11. Mmmm.
    And here's one done earlier!
  12. How much???