Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by gl3897, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. I am looking to buy a new MTP daysack and im completely fed up on the bowman mtp ones.

    ive had a quick look on kitreviews but I didnt find it much help. Has anyone got and advice when it comes to good and bad daysacks, which ones to buy and which ones to avoid? im looking between 30 - 70 quid but I can push the boat out if theres one in perticular that is well recommended.

    many thanks, GL
  2. We haven't had a daysack thread for over 2 days now.
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  3. Why not just use the issued Karrimor one? Find it works well in pretty much any situation thrown at it.
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  4. 30 pounds? WAH
  5. "completely fed up on the bowman mtp ones." Why ?

    What do you want to use it for and why wont an MTP one suit your needs after all its only the colour ?
  6. Were due a 'When do we get paid this month' one also ;-)
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  7. With the Bank Holiday towards the end of the Summer Holidays and in recognition of Op OLYMPICS the treasury has increased the MoD F90 withdrawal amount to £100. For the uninitiated this means you can use your MoD 90 to withdraw cash from any UK ATM regardless of the funds available in your bank account.

    PS Why don't you lik the issue bag - or is it that it is issued? But having just realised the OP has 1 post to his name then I suspect I've been sucked into a fucktard thread.
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  8. Cool do the T.A get that as well ?
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  9. I'm almost 100% positive a thread titled almost word for word was up a month or so ago?
  10. lol you bunch of piss taking *****, keep it up!

  11. Yes.
  12. I have a camelbak motherlode but that's because I'm navy and our issued field kit is ****. I can't fault it like.
  13. I find that if you wipe your own shit on the issue olive green bergen it looks just like mtp (if you're pissed)

    Get a life you mong
  14. If you can prove to me that that bird from Xena got her tits out, then I'll tell you about the best daysack ever!
  15. ??? WTF who??