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Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Basically on camp this year I heard a rumour from the Q side of the fence that all CS95 kit will start to be replaced in the ACF by MTP in about 12 months time. My question is this: Why?
    We live in a time when apparently we are trying to save money any way we can, so why don't the powers that be give all the CS95 kit to the cadet forces, as the regs and TA go over to MTP? Waste not want not, and not only that, if we continue in CS95 while the Regs and TA use MTP, we would be obviously different in appearance of uniform, which may (slim chance I know, but) reduce the levels of walting.
  2. It's not gonna happen for years.

    1. There's tonnes of DPM
    2. Not all of the regular or reserves have got PCS MTP yet.
  3. How much of the Regular Army/TA CS95 kit would be of any use? The problem would be getting sizes to fit kids.
  4. I know the MOD buys in all sorts of size so it wouldn't surprise me if they can find some to fit ACF types.
  5. I fit kids
  6. Shut up you mong it's free, who cares why they're doing it!
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  7. Considering the size of the current cadet forces, even I'd be inclined to know the current expenditure, but as you say, its free
  8. J.B


    Supposedly, MTP will begin to be issued to the cadet forces, in September 2012. In reality I doubt this will happen.
  9. I have covered this subject many many times so I will be brief.

    1. There are a lot of personnel in the cadet forces currently wearing DPM. Go add up the total number of ACF cadets, CCF (Army) cadets, ACF instructors and CCF (Army) instructors and you will have an idea of quite how much uniform is required. Each person requires (among other things) two pairs of trousers, two shirts, and a combat jacket. Many already have them but replacements are needed and there will be many new issues required as new cadets join. I think I posted the figures on this board a while back.

    2. It is more expensive to keep the cadet forces in DPM (requiring a separate clothing contract etc) than to just put everyone in MTP. I am sure all the DPM will be sold off when we hand it in to get our shiny new MTP.

    3. While I will believe the September 2012 date when I have the uniform in my hands, it is the date given by HQLF. The question is do we have enough DPM to last until we get MTP?
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  10. The Regular Army is already running out of DPM - a large proportion of G4 email traffic in my Bde is " Does anyone have a pair of trousers size xyz on the shelf, if so please cross-deck to ..." On the other hand the Canadian cadets are still running about in nice retro green kit, years after their Regular forces moved to CADPAT digital cam.
  11. Thats because all canadian training units and cadets will always wear green not any type of camo, that is how they do it all the time.
  12. But will it be in sizes that fit cadets? I think, looking over our latest intake of young people who make Ronnie Corbet look like John Cleese, of getting trousers and Smocks that don't drown them!
  13. Apparently it all boils down to the fact of why produce two lots of DPM material, one for regular/TA and one for the ACF, which would cost more to produce.
    So its easier and cheaper to produce one pattern for all.
    Difference in appearance would be the ACF titles and rank slides all ACF adults wear, if they dont then they should.
    The only walting will be those wearing before its issued and not wearing ACF title and rank slides, which any good RSM should be on top off.
  14. See below its exactly as it was explained to me by our CAA and in a JSP sent out a while ago.
  15. Given what my midget cadets are wearing I am guessing there will still be issues.