MTP Kit... Oooh Fleecy Pockets!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by jimmyquadrophenia, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. With MTP Kit Measuring Rumoured for March-May 2013 For both Adults and Cadets. Lets start a brand new thread. Anybody else heard any of that bollockery? :lick:
  2. If you mean fleace lined pockets, I can confirm MTP does indeed have them... as did one incarnation of the old cam if you were worthy enough to be issued it.

    As for b0llocks you will be getting MTP anytime soon...
  3. Our adult MTP order is due to go in at the end of the month, for issue in Jan/Feb. The cadet order will go in after the adult kit issue.

    The new ACF dress regs are already out.
  4. Where do I sign? I need new kit for my fishing.
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  5. Are they going to keep the god awful brassard and button combo?
  6. Stuff I saw shows the brassard has been replaced with the velcro on badge jobbies. Rank to be worn on chest.

    Can't remember the divvy up but badges have been allocated to either side ie Stars on the Right, Adv Trg on the left (don't quote me on that).
  7. Left Arm: Union Emblem and County Flash (if worn).

    Right Arm: Up to 4 APC Qualification Badges, in order of seniority.
  8. Nooooooo..I still have mine! Pride of place went to my Marksman, 1st Class badge :)
  9. Unless they fancy allying it up a bit?
  10. I doubt they would be allowed to under dress regulations :)
  11. Since when did they stop anyone being creative?
  12. Alan is proberly devising a 'county badge' that looks almost like the Rifles TRF as we speak, whilst humming 'over the hills' and using his 'rifles' mousemat.

    'But look, it says X County ACF in black... on the black'.
  13. Well that's just silly, no one would be able to see black on black :)
  14. The ACF are getting it?

    I ain't even got it yet!
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