MTP kit on ebay

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by King-walt, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. Why? I can't.
  2. £138 and another one on there at £165 - WTF??????

    After H12 I've got MTP kit that will never be used again coming out my arrse but the only thing that's making money is the smocks and guess what the one thing I didn't get issued was :(
  3. You'll think 180 quid is a bargain then.
  4. Get it quick because before you know it we'll all have them. Then where will you be? DPM will be the new retro ally.
  5. You could corner the market in Ladies MTP hotpants after all men love ladies dressed like daisy duke
  6. If you've got spare MTP, get it on Ebay quick ............. in a few weeks or so it'll be worth kack all. The market will be flooded and the prices will plummet. By then we'll be moving on to pork bellies (Trading Places). :)

  7. I just spent £58 on an MTP shirt so I can finish dressing the bear's in the stuff. It is expensive on ebay and the items are few and far between, lots of the US but not so much of the UK

    Baby_G if you have stuff you don't need nor will use again, pm me as it will come in handy for Bear kit

  8. I was joking about banging my kit on ebay, could do with a few extra penny's but I can't be arrsed (plus even though its not on my 1157 I don't want the monkeys knocking on my door!).

    From what I'm lead to believe the new kit when it's issued will be a completely new cut and design where as what I got is CS95 in a different colour.
    Just in-case I'm going to hang on to it but I don't mind making a donation to the cause Bear Dresser, will send a PM shortly
  9. why buy kit off ebay you get it for free if you want to look sf then go sf not agc/rlc
  10. I thought when you were issued with MTP it replaced DPM and became the new No. 8 dress? Bin CS95 in DPM and wear the MTP or not?
  11. Fashion victims . . . .FFS !! :roll:
  12. The stuff we've just been issued on H12 was unaccounted for and chucked at us to wear in the field. In Bastion/KAF guys remained in desert DPM and when we came off the ground to fly home MTP was washed and packed and the dessies went back on.

    Anyone deploying get so much chucked at you there really is no point buying it but when its issued and not on account are you suprised guys are chucking it on Waltbay to earn a few extra beer tokens? The kits that new and shiny airsofter's will be clambering over themselves to get their hands on it.

    MTP will be replacing DPM as No. 8 dress but the kit being issued at the moment is CS95 in a different colour. The MTP kit we will be getting as part of PECOC will have a new style & cut (ie pockets pput in useful positions and that you can actually access)
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It looks like trs and shirt would make a good summer woodland stalking rig, I'll have to wait until the drivers and storemen have been issued it, sizing issues you know!