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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brucewillis, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. My unit is issuing MTP next week, they require all CS95 to be handed back on a one for one basis. When CS95 was first issued I don't remember having to hand back woolie pulleys etc. Is this the same across the board or are our G4 element about to have a big sale on ebay?

  2. Wooly pullies not part of combat kit. If you are told to hand it in, hand it in. The rest of he Army had to
  3. Well we did to get fleece etc as long as it is off your flick who cares?

    I think the plan is to take some 95 off us ,but, as admin bloke behind in his work might be a while.
  4. If you have got PCS why do you need to keep hold of your C95? or do you want to sell it on flebay.
  5. It does depend on what your QM/RQMS(T) has decided.
    And what CS95 kit they want back, condition it and either backload it or send it off to other units/cadets?
    And no G4 dont really want your scabby CS95 kit back, but rules are rules, sadly.

    And very strange that some army surplus stores are offering MTP already!!
  6. Is it C95 pattern MTP or PCS MTP?

    C95 MTP can now be classed as surplus as it is no longer current issue.
  7. My unit (regs) has us retaining one complete set for battle PT.
  8. As strange as it may sound some Surplus stores will have 'some' MTP due to certain individuals either having more than on their flick & offloading it or airsofters purchasing it via the web/fleabay, or it could be the old style CS MTP.

    QM's Policy will vary but most either Reg or TA will have a directive, ours were backloading them to the CCF last time i looked.
  9. Sorry new the new kit is appearing in local army surplus stores.
    Could be from Op Olympics or people selling spares.
    But at least you will all look like Action Man/Yanks in future!
  10. we did the same for about 6mths but that was a while back
  11. You are not issued spares, so it will be people selling kit they still have on their flick or is on someone elses flick.
  12. oh, if they're issuing MTP to the Gareths, how will we ever tell the difference now?
  13. Its okay we will still have our helmet covers on sideways:twisted:. (see this months soldier)
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  14. My 95 is in crap condition, so it must waste a lot of time and effort (at the taxpayers expense)
    To check, sort, transport, then pay to dispose of it.
  15. Seen...that caused a genuine laugh out loud moment this week!