MTP Issue Molle Belt

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by FollowitdownJoe, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Gents,

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything about an issue Molle Belt?
  2. yes but nothing confirmed
  3. Got the NSNs for the three sizes last week but don't know when it will appear.
  4. Great news now ive shelled out!
  5. until last week we were told that belts are the devils tools and will get us all killed in an instant. now we are getting issued them for H16....
    however I refuse to believe anything till long after it's happened, even them I'm suspicous.
  6. I've heard on the grapevine that there will be an announcement on the April 1st (stop fnarring, this is serious business) regarding what new kit we'll be getting issued over the coming year, including boots, webbing, glasses, daysacks, the whole shebang, and also that it isn't a good idea to buy anything for yourself as nearly all privately bought kit will be outlawed in the near future.
  7. Im getting my black bag stuff on Mon, ill let you know if there is one in it.
  8. I got my black bag just before Christmas and there was no molle belt.
  9. Gramps

    Gramps Old-Salt Reviewer

    I just got my kit for H16, Decent Blackhawk kneepads but no battle belt.
  10. I heard rumors, guys in another Bn are getting them for H16 aswell another new daysack :/
  11. Someone said on here that as of H16 there will be no molle loops on the front of the osprey. If they aren't issuing a belt yet then that may well be untrue, hopefully it is.
  12. Got my osprey for 16 and theres still molle all over the belt
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  13. This does not surprise me as in the past privately bought stuff used to be in the same pattern as issue kit, you can't buy MTP in the shops so why would the MOD let us wear mixed dress.

    Am still shocked that multicam and other non issue patterns have not been banned yet especially as they are getting funny about things like helmet covers and any thing else we try and do different.
  14. Have you seen Karrimor's range of kit?

    Karrimor SF MTP Catalog

    Seems too busy to me, too many straps and buckles and looks shit.
  15. I think the Jungle 45 looks pretty decent, but I've never seen it for sale anywhere. It's odd how they put it in there but don't seem to actually make any.