MTP How is it worn, Ironed and what colour boots are to be worn with it?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by ILES, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. I start my basic in April and Im led to believe that new recruits are issued with MTP Im here hoping people can give me as much insight into how its worn is it untucked with or without a belt and if ironed is it the same as DPM with single creases down the front of trousers and middle of sleeves. When will the new issue boot be released and is there any talk on the style or color. I mainly want to know how the new kit is ironed because I may take some with me. Thanks in advance.
  2. What an interesting query. I don't think it has been raised on here before. As far as I know, MTP is worn with sleeves rolled up and tucked in with a stable belt. Some units also choose to wear name tapes.

    I hope this has been helpful.
    All the best.
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  3. A few points, if this is not a very poor Wah.

    1, You will be shown everything you need to know.
    2, You will be get the new boot when you get the new boot.
    3, Pre ironing kit is not as necessary with PCS or indeed CS95 as it was with Lightweights and shirts.
    4, Get hold of extras from eBay (illegally as no PCS has been released) use them as exercise kit where ironing is not as critical.
    5, Worry more about your phys than getting extra kit.

    P.S. Don't bring the 100 odd issues of 'Raider' or 'Combat and Survival' you almost certainly have under your bed.
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  4. Next, people will be asking if it should be tucked in or not and wether sleaves should be up or down! :-D
  5. Fuuuuuuck me, please do not turn up to training with uniform you miscarriage.
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  6. Typical sarcastic ARRSE response as expected, I thought my question was feasible but I was fully prepared for a helpful reply such as yours. We will skip your first three silly remarks and get to
    4, I am getting extrat kit from serving friends prior to joining hence my question.
    5, I'm not worrying about my fitness but realize its crucial to be at a high standard.

    To conclude on your P.S comment I haven't heard of any of the listed magazine titles but shall keep an eye out for them thankyou.

    P.S Your almost certainly a ****.
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  7. Not even a spare set of combats and shirt?
  8. Don't take extra kit as you have a set locker lay out and no room to keep your extra 15 sets of uniform, chally 2 cam net and spare chinook rotar blade.
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  9. No, for the love of god, take no uniform with you. They won't let you wear it and you'll probably pick up a nice insulting nickname into the bargain.

    "Oh look, it's Ebay Uniform ****!"
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  10. Should you not be concentrating on getting in first not how to be 1 step ahead of the room inspection game?
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  11. Being constructive, if you know how to iron kit etc, take that knowledge with you to basic, if you turn up the clever **** the DS will have you river dancing for three hours while everyone else is ironing.

    Be smart, volunteer for nothing, and shut the **** up, by virtue of your question, you are trying to cut corners before you have turned up. You dont even know how difficult it will be and you want to make it easier.

    I would put money on you not being in the army in 12 months time.
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  12. Ive passed 6 months basic as a junior so any corners that could be cut I would know, I would love to put that bet on mate i certainly won't turn up as a know it all because that isnt me I grit my teeth and crack on with whatever is put infront of me.Any knowledge I have will just give me a little extra confidence such as my nsp's drill and first aid. I will pass out there are no ifs and buts I can handle it and don't want to cut corners you have no fair argument as to why I would not be serving a year down the line other than me considering bringing one set of spare combats as recommended by two sgt's on two separate occasions during my application and selection process.
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  13. My post about not bringing extra uniform wasn't actually a joke in any way.

    Don't do it! You don't even know that the uniform you'd "acquire" is genuine (most likely not) and if it differs at all from issued uniform you'll get picked up on it!

    My suggestion that you'll pick up a nice nickname, like "Look at Worzel Gummidge there in his 2nd hand crap" for example, is also not a joke.
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  14. Keep digging, juniors usually do 2 years prior to adult service, so we now know you are already a failure.

    Turn up with 50 pairs of everything, good luck, you ******* buffoon.
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  15. Yaaaaaawn !................I hope you get a 'drying room interview'.............I'll look out for your next thread - 'the bigger boys are picking on me'!
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