MTP for recce platoons?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by J.Ashton762, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've recently seen this video:

    3 Mercian 'go to ground' in Germany | British Forces News

    It's got me thinking, MTP is designed to be "good" in all environments. The MoD has aid that this is what the modern British millitary requires. True, the ordinary soldier may be fine with this, but what about close recce troops? Surely they need PERFECT camoflauge for the enironment in which they are operating? After all their job is to be perfect at camoflauge. Surely "good" camoflauge isn't good enough?

    When on excersise in Caerwent training area at night, I stumbled across some 1 rifles bods wearing MTP. They looked like they were wearing chefs whites! Someone told me that this was because I hadn't been used to seeing MTP and it was just my eyes. But surely, if I wasn't used to it, neither was the enemy!

    I honestly don't believe that MTP works in the European environment and that the MoD's claims that it is never dangerous is a false statement.

    Is there anyone else that believes that close recce troops may be in danger when operating in a temperate climate?
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    No your right. It is obvious that all that trialling and scientific work was wasted.

    Edited for the benefit of the OP. I was joking and taking the piss out of you.
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  3. No there is nowt wrong with MTP.

    If they are close enough to stumble upon your hide then it doesn't matter what manner of green-ish clothing you have on, that's why they build hides in the first place to stop people seeing them from a way off and coming looking for them. DPM was no better up close either and stands out like a sore thumb from a distance as well as it looks almost black, especialy when wet.

    If you need individual troops to be almost invisible to the level where you have to step on you to see you then they send out the sniper teams who also function in the battlefield recce role. A Recce platoon is in the business of building longer term hides for radio stag and long term observation. They dont need a ghille suit for that.

    It's Friday by the way, should the OP not be on cadet camp?
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  4. No and I suggest that in the future you suggest you stick to voicing your opinion on military matters whilst sat in your locker, alone.

    Recce soldiers know what they're doing when it comes to cam and concealment.
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  6. yes the soldier may do, but the MoD and the treasury clearly don't.
  7. And you still skip over the point that recce soldiers know what they're on when it comes to cam and concealment.
  8. Just as well the Recce Pln and COP lads don't rely on the MoD ortreasury to construct a hide for them then. Have you ever seen a woman's ****?
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  11. In that linked video the soldier comments "You've got to be carefull, being a light colour you don't want to go against a dark background"

    Is this not exactly the same proglem they had with desert DPM in the green zone? And they had a UOR to get that sorted. They're back to square 1 in the temperate climate.
  12. I find myself in the evil position of having to agree with a Grenadier (sorry Crow Bag - won't happen again).

    Temperate DPM was mostly bonk, especially in bright foliage and wet weather - it was far too dark. In fact, I've found desert kit to be more effective on Salisbury Plain in the summer / autumn. The MTP used in PCS is a striking improvement, IMHO, even if the kit itself is a bit odd. Some of the CS95 cut hot weather issue I've seen is rather faded - perhaps that was what you saw. Or sheep.

    It's entirely likely that neither HM Treasury nor MoD know much about hiding in bushes (and why on earth should they?), but fortunately for us, the trials, development and selection were done by soldiers. In the long list of ballsed-up procurement decisions, surprisingly few seem to centre on the kit we wear. Funny that.
  13. MTP seems better than DPM for MOST situations, it does not look bright white at nighttime. Has the OP actually got any experience whatsoever of night work?
  14. The OP needs to shit off and learn the difference between cubism and impressionism.
  15. yes, I do have experience in night worrk, otherwise I wouldn't have seen the 1 rifles blokes. duh.