MTP, first pic Ive seen of it in use in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by petergriffen, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Not bad IMHO....
  2. *Cough*...Those lad's are 40 Cdo RM......*cough*

  3. 40 commando RAF regiment of the sea :twisted:
  4. I still cannot see a Soviet ARV based on the BTR-50 and found in Soviet BMP equipped MR Bns!
  5. Some of the helmets seems strange - the one closest to the camera looks like the one shown in the trial phots which I believed was not to be used.
  6. i was going to say the same - his armour is also different. is he a "them"??
  7. RAF Loadie? Seems to be wearing a 'hang out of the back with a gimpy' vest rather than Osprey.
  8. He's wearing a US MICH 2000 with MSA Paraclete RAV.
    The MTP looks bloody brilliant.
    Looks like Osprey Assault armour in desert DPM.
    At long last we're getting there. We've always had the men, now they're getting the equipment.
  9. fair one, his new altbergs do look rather clean :)
  10. Osprey needs to match now, or at least be in olive drab.
  11. Totally agree, but it really is getting there!
    Wait 12 months; the gear really will be shit hot!
  12. Boot Spotter!!! 8O
  13. I've heard you shouldn't iron it