MTP CS95 shirts

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by dan2k7, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone, aside from ebay does anyone know a good supplier to get MTP CS95 shirts? I am looking for the older style shirts without the velcro.
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  2. Why in all that is ally, would you want them?
  3. I am on Herrick 16, my Q won't supply me with them out here hence why I asked on here but thank you for your reply all the same
  4. For short sleeve order out here
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Surely if you're on Herrick 16, you've only got a few more weeks to push without one, probably take a large chunk of that to get out to you if you could get one.
    Lads I know on 17 will have been in Bastion a few days now.
  7. I am here for the RIP and as far into 17 as they need me. No official return date, so could be before christmas but probably after
  8. 1. Your Q CAN'T supply you with them. They are no longer produced, nor are they available through the stores chain.

    They were a UOR purely to bring MTP to the guys on tour ASAP, whilst the new uniform was finalised.

    2. Why in all that is ally would you want a set, apart from to look old skool.

    Wear your sleaves down, Combat Jacket Lightweight untucked and full brimmed sun hat with pride lad.
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  9. hey pal
    i know where you are coming from we still wear the old mtp stuff when we are out recruiting and at any public events as it look's a lot smarter and you don't feel like a wannabe yank . there are a lot of the shirts on e bay at the minute but there's a company called springfields in durham they advertise on the internet and they have a lot of the old gear available .,
  10. Silvermans. They've got everything else.
  11. There were about 14000 MTP CS 95 shirts in theatre earlier this year...yes i did say 14000!
  12. Surely you're not implying the QM chain is ineffective? Stores are for storing!!!
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  13. Just got issued my MTP kit, couldn't believe the inside lable which read 'Made in China' ...whats going on.....are we going to be buying AK47s from them next.......
  14. QBZ-95?