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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Jodster, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Been out of the army for a while going back in very shortly. Just wandering where the creases are suppose to be on MTP? Cheers

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  2. In the material.
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  3. That's obvious I meant where on the shirt and trousers

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  4. Oh, right my apologies.

    The creases on the shirt should be on the material of the shirt with the trouser creases being on the material of the trousers.
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  5. Although it does seem dependent upon unit policy, I've never put creases in MTP. It has always been pressed flat. The placement of the pockets on both the jacket arms and trouser legs do not lend themselves to allowing a decent crease be put through the kit.

    Hope that helps - but you will be told what you're expected to do, as I'm sure you're aware.
  6. Jacket has none, ironed flat, and line down middle on trousers, but as above different unit different policy
  7. Thank you for that :) yeah I'm well aware as of what is expected to be done. Cheers again

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  8. I've found that stuffing into a deployment bag usually causes plenty of creases.
  9. I didn't think "unit policy" came into it... Its been in Soldier and elsewhere that the whole beastly outfit is to be ironed flat.

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  10. I carry that extract from Soldier mag to show the razman if he asks.
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  11. Me too... When you can show something written by DES Com Cloth DSDA SPCT SO1 then you know you've got the Razzer over a barrel...

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  12. Agreed, however I have seen plenty of personnel from other units with creases in either trousers or jackets, or both, in line with local direction.
    I find that as a lowly Cpl challenging any superior (regardless of the legitimacy of the challenge!) never ends well!
  13. It's disgraceful that a uniform to be worn on operations was designed without the ability to be ironed with razor sharp creases - the uniform is clearly not fit for purpose.
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  14. That's what spray can starch is for.
  15. Socks and pants only. Helmet cover if it's raining