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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by SODA, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Am looking for some MTP cloth to make up a Santa Hat to send to a friend whos going to be in Afganistan for christmas. Can anybody help?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Get some multicam. Chances of finding any MTP are slim to none.

    Septic ebay has multicam listed regularly.
  3. Send a red Father Christmas hat. MTP will look like its been made in theatre.
  4. Would it look good as a desk cover?
  5. Not sure you will get MTP as its not available to the general public, but you may get Multicam from Crye Precision who do something almost identical.

    Crye Precision
  6. I'm sure somebody can send you a knackered shirt or whatever to make it from. (Not me though sadly)
  7. Was there in 09 and somebody had a DPM santa hat which I thought was good... The MRS is a bit handy with a sewing machine so will do a good job. On the other hand my mate may think its **** and bin it, we just want to send him a fer ods and sods other than haribo... Got some fly guns today which are cracking and keeping our eyes open for other bits.
  8. Buy a MTP bergan cover off eBay. Simples.
  9. Go old school with the old desert pattern... or that Jordanian stuff that was purple.
  10. Infact, random question.

    Why doesn't our MTP have little insignia on them (say a lion/crown, anchor and chicken) and HMAS/HMAF. We could put that into the pattern every so often.

  11. Yes your very random...
  12. Thanks for the idea, simple yes cheap NO! £20ish for a bergan cover, will keep looking though!
  13. There's a flurry of MTP looking kit on e-bay which most likely shouldn't be, but tbh a Red Santa hat would probably be better since everyone will be bored of MTP!
  14. 'Yes, You're very random...'

    'You're' being a contraction of 'you are'.
  15. Thanks for that...