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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by sbeaver, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Right hope I don't get too much abuse about bringing up another thread about this uniform, but I can't find the answer using the search function.

    Regarding the Badge Plate.
    Have recently received the copy of the DIN regarding badge positions and the Union Jack seems to be in the wrong place.

    Are people bothering to move it to the correct position of 3cm below the apex or just leave it where it has been sewn on by the manufacturers?

  2. Give to tailor, tell them to move it.
  3. No idea about this new fangled rig, nor indeed the new fangled weaponry!
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  4. Use super-glue.
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  5. Give it back to the Q bloke who should return it to the QM who should return it through the system to the Quality Assurance manager. The QA Manager could then report it to the manufacture who will correct the fault in the production process and pay for the Union flags to be correctly remounted on the issued blanking panels.

    Alternately just accept it
  6. who cares?
  7. Every single one I've seen has been in a different position.
  8. A common mistake (IMHO) is using the diagonal stitchings as a 'reference'. Just because the badge is not on these doesn't mean it is wrong.

    Also some of the Word produced pictures depicting where badges go are impossiblities...
  9. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Is this wrongly placed flag going to give away your position in a firefight?


    Is this going to add extra weight for you to carry when next time you in ghanners, during the summer?


    Is this wrongly placed badge, going to cause your weapon to stop firing at a critical moment?


    Is your RSM going to measure your badge to see if it is in the 'exact' right place?

    No, yes, maybe if he is autistic.

    Is this going to make any difference to your life?

    No, maybe are you autistic?

    Think about it, you are reading DINs about placement of badges, and you are concerned if yours is in the right place? If you can get the blanking plate on the right arm and the right way up your sorted, now go away and iron your laces!!!!
  10. I think the point you made above the boldy bit could be a fulcrum.
  11. What is the DIN for this?
  12. Haven't the units in 16x made their flashes smaller just so that they fit on the clanking panels properly?