MTP and under clothes?

Recently I was issued with most of my kit and I have been able to wear it to the squadron yet. I haven't been told anything about how to wear it or what to do with it (I basically just signed for it). So here's what I've done so far, thanks to a day off work due to snow.

- Washed everything even though it was all new
- Ironed out the creases in my uniform so there isn't any on the legs and arms like there was on DPM
- Shaped beret, haven't ripped out lining and tucked in the tassels at the back
- Breaking in one set of boots and building up the layers on boots
- Rolled up hood on combat jacket

Have I missed anything? Also do I need to iron my shirt collar?

About the under clothes, fleeces's and norwegians etc, can you wear them under your combat shirt like you could with DPM?

Thanks for your replys!

PS: It's a Royal Engineers Squadren
i know what should be rolled up !!!! but last time i got infracted by a power mad mod !!
Yeah by the way, they should have told you at the Royal Engineers Squadren, you need to iron horizontal creases across the back of the lightweight jacket, its a battle honour from the Crimea.
All you need now is Red underpants over your MTP and you'll be good to go...
And you've rolled up the hood on the smock? Excellent; that will a) save huge amounts of time later on and b) is a sound jumping off point for a discussion on a military web site.
We had a Full Screw clerk at one of my postings (last heard of as a Sgt with HQ ARRC's Signal Squadron down at Innsworth) who had to ask someone else how to roll the hood up on his smock because he didn't know how to do it. He also didn't expect the lad he asked (a Scaley Full Screw) to come over to the hangar and immediately tell everyone.

To prove what an utter cock he was, he also once bollocked a lad down town on a Friday night and told him to parade in 'his office' (that would be the Sqn admin office then) on Monday morning, expected everyone ranked below him to address him as Corporal (even Lance Jacks) and despite knowing me for two years insisted on calling me 'Cpl JBM' every time I went into SHQ.

The spotty, speccy little Welsh ****.

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