MTP and the TA

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Anyone got any ideas about when the TA is to be issued MTP? Ive asked around our centre like an nobody seems to have a bloody clue so I'm just curious as to whether any ARRSE'rs can enlighten me on the subject.
If you have access to Dii there is a document on there which has the dates on it. The latest dates on it are October 2012 so sometime before then.
Unless you're deploying you don't need MTP (well - even if you are CS95 is fine - it worked for near 30y). It's like blanks, why does the TA need them? We should shout bang more and get the PSI to hit us in the kidneys when we're hit.

Can I get promoted now?


Anyone on "Op London Jolly for the games" will get it...Question is will my issued and very faded 95 Pattern MTP look Ally enough =)
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