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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Kingojosh93, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got any ideas about when the TA is to be issued MTP? Ive asked around our centre like an nobody seems to have a bloody clue so I'm just curious as to whether any ARRSE'rs can enlighten me on the subject.
  2. What brigade are you?
  3. Volunteer for a tour. You'll be one of a few in your TAC to have PCS.

    Failing that AS AR.
  4. The RNR is getting it in the next month... (at least the Warfare branch force protection bit.)
  5. Is that the MTP, MTP PCS or the Navy blue MTP, MTP PCS?
  6. Well I'm 4 LANCS infantry.
  7. If you have access to Dii there is a document on there which has the dates on it. The latest dates on it are October 2012 so sometime before then.
  8. whats the rush? i prefer current issue anyway
  9. Well said that man! I've got my PCS still in it's original plastic bags sitting in the boot of my car; I'll get round to wearing in it when I can be arrsed...
  10. The Shouty man will probably provide some guidance.....
  11. Because it means I wont have to iron my kit.
  12. Bollocks, the powers that be will find something to iron!
  13. Unless you're deploying you don't need MTP (well - even if you are CS95 is fine - it worked for near 30y). It's like blanks, why does the TA need them? We should shout bang more and get the PSI to hit us in the kidneys when we're hit.

    Can I get promoted now?
  14. You'll be 42Bde then the shite patch on your left arm will confirm this
  15. Not before the regulars I hope, how chippy would that look?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.