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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by waffen, May 26, 2012.

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  1. What a badly researched and opinionated non story.

    Typical of the outrageously poor press standards in this country.

    MTP PCS - More comfortable than CS95 - Fact
    MTP PCS - Could have done with better quality control - Fact
    MTP PCS - The most effective camouflage pattern ever adopted by the Forces - Fact

    Daily Mail, feel free to quote this.
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  2. I remember the combat kit we had in the '70's, cuffs up by yer elbows, arrse hanging down by yer knees. Appalling it was. I've seen better cut clothes at an African humanitarian aid convention.
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  3. How is having a jacket tucked in and sleeves up more comfortable? Must be someone wanting to show stable belts.
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  4. The MTP PCS looks a load of toss, its hard to get a decent set that fits, however it will look even worse if you tuck it in and roll up the sleeves. I wish we were allowed to wear MTP CS95.
  5. OMFG! It's not dress uniform; it is a practical one. I particularly like the para quote; I bet he even wears his beret properly. And By that , I don't mean in a flat cap- stylee!
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  6. Bollocks. From what I've seen thousands of troops have been issued a decent fitting set. What fuckin' shape are you that you can't fit into MTP?
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  7. Fatty :)
  8. Well everyone I know hates the PCS(if it fits or not) and prefers CS95 MTP.
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  9. Well everyone I know hates the PCS(if it fits or not) and prefers CS95 MTP. Even us ''fatties''
  10. Have to say I agree with tally. The sizing is definitely off. I ordered the same size I had in cs95 and the waist is tighter (no, I haven't been at the pies) and the sleeves and jacket length is far too long.

    Quality control is also piss poor. The warm climate ripstop isn't bad but the standard issue is crap. I've just come back in off a FIBUA ex and about 90% of the blokes have ripped trousers etc. 95 was a lot more sturdy.

    Other stuff:
    Cam pattern - great
    Ridged Velcro patches everywhere - shite.
    New smock design - amazing.
    MTP baseball cap - wear it at your peril.
  11. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Fixed it for you. I find it less comfortable, particularly now that its 28 degrees outside and I have to wear both a t-shirt and a jacket when I used to be able to wear a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I have taken to wearing barrack dress to stay cool, which says a lot about the 'comfortable' uniform.
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  12. Its just been highlighted due to the hot weather lately and the medal parades etc.We wear what we are issued and ordered to wear. It will take a while to get used to a completely new set/type of uniform thats all granted. However it does look like a bag of crap , and would look even worse tucked in and rolled up .
  13. Or gash Regimental tats. :wink:
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  14. Fair point, luckily I have been issued the temperate and hot weather versions, I wear the hot weather version all the time, I find it more comfortable.

    The design brief (I assume) would have been limited to -

    PCS CU To be worn on operations or exercise in conjunction with OSPREY.
    Barrack dress to be worn for normal daily duties.

    It is a bit rubbish that the Project Team didn't foresee the situation where everyone will wear PCS CU as working dress for normal daily duties.

    Again I assume that changing the brief on PCS CU would have derailed the funding/progress so far/senior officers pet project of Future Army Dress (whoever allowed that name really needs a slap)

    The development of FAD Barrack Dress is where the Army got it catastrophically wrong, bin barrack dress and reintroduce the CS95 shirt in MTP for barracks use.
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