MTM cleaning station

I live in a small place and cleaning my rifles involves all sorts of Heath Robinson constructions to make sure filfthy black Hoppe's doesn't go all over the floor, washing machine, dog etc. I've been looking at some of the plastic cleaning 'stations' such as the MTM one which look like they would help. Has anyone any experience of them?
I have a Tipton Gun Vise (it's American!) which works very well. It has a good sized plastic tray to catch solvent with compartments to hold all your cleaning stuff. The only problem I have found with it is that the clamp is slightly too small to properly grip an AICS stocked rifle - but you can still clean the rifle just fine.

I have three other bits of kit to help contain the mess. A rubber-backed Sinclair gun cleaning mat and a Gammon stock boot both help to soak up any spilt solvent or oil. I also have a 'Muzzlemate' which is a gizmo that clamps onto the end of the barrel to stop the cloud of spray that comes out of the end of the barrel when cleaning. It also catches the used patches. I used to just use an old plastic drinks bottle shoved on the end and frankly, it worked almost as well.

Unfortunately, the whole firearms industry is just set up for people like me that are suckers for gadgets!
I like the drinks bottle idea. I did look at a Tiptons vice but it's £70 over here and about $35 in the US and I couldn't bring myself to do it.
MTM generally won't catch the solvent from the muzzle as they are too short. Go with the bottle trick or just lay down some rags.
Oh - I should have mentioned. Absolutely the best thing that you can get to reduce the mess is a bore guide. This stops the solvent falling down through the action. You should use one anyway to stop damage to the barrel. The best ones I have found are delrin ones made by Sinclair.

If you are more resistant to the lure of the gadget, you can use an old bit of carpet for the gun mat and a carrier bag instead of a stock boot. If you are handy with DIY, you could even knock up a gun cradle out of bits of MDF.


Solvents, I detect an abuse claim coming! I use an old towel and clean either in the office, on the dining table (towel a must have) or in front of the TV where I can irritate the Tea Lady!
I use an MTM on a workmate. I put an old towel between them to stop the MTM skidding about. Works fine. The drinks bottle over the muzzle is a good idea to stop the sovent/gunk spraying all over the pot plants! I've been banned from cleaning in the kitchen: Mrs MSH hates the smell of Youngs 303.
That's funny because so does Mrs Watcher. Me I could use it as cologne!


Gravel bellies all smelled of gun oil at one time!

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