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Discussion in 'REME' started by Rockstar, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've just received an assignment order for an post as a MTI at a phase 2 unit.

    I don't particularly want it; as it is out of trade, can I refuse? I don't want to rock the boat and will go if I'm told that the posting can't be cancelled. I'd just prefer to stay at trade!


  2. Refuse it Rockstar, The Corps still think thining the RS out will work, I would beg to differ, you joined the Corps as a tradesman so stick to your guns because once your in you will be chucked on all your military courses and the chances of escaping at the end of your tour will be very restricted.

    I would love to bring back that clown who decided that booting the RS out would work, how wrong was he? TSS, what a pile of shite.
  3. Do it. Have a blast for a couple of years, positively influence young soldiers & then go back to trade. Easy!
  4. I Agree, had a fantastic time at Phase 1 for 2 years. Also you can plan your life for 2 years and at the end of the day it's a few more feathers in the cap to say been there and done that!!!
  5. I take it Rockstar you are either Skill At Arms or Drill Instructor qualified then? These I believe are the minimum quals to take an MTI post.
    If not I take it you are either being put on them before arriving at new unit or is it a "Duty of Care" role you are going to fill?
  6. Duty of care. As far as quals are concerned, I'm a CBRNi. As the first reply pointed out, I'm a bit worried at getting stuck in the MTI / Duty of care role.
  7. I seem to recall that not only must you be specifically put forwards by your OC in name, but your annual report should comment on your potential for employment in this area. Hence I find it surprising that this has come as a bit of a surprise, surely we're not picking at random!

    Have a stab, it will widen your potential for promotion and general employability up the ranks. If you're not going Tiffy then you'll need something to seperate your out for the Artisan WO2 post.
  8. My head nearly exploded.
  9. Why was that?
  10. His name's Steven Tetlow and he's now the head of the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) the people responsible for running all the MoT stations.
  11. That bit. :)
  12. So whats your point then? I am at a training regiment and certainly one of the things that I have tried to do is to give the young soldiers that come through a positive outlook on being in the Army and the REME. I don't bullsh!t, i tell the truth and encourage them to ask questions that they may need to know the answer to before they hit the streets.

    What is your experience of phase 2/3 establishments and what did you try to do?
  13. I'm with Spark on this one - MTIs and Duty of Care posts are there to make sure that when you go back to trade, you've got well motivated and enthusiastic Cfn to fill those empty VM, Armr or Tech slots in your LAD/Coy. Enjoy having 2 years of largely predicatable routine work, knowing when you can take your next holidays, and generally enjoying life without worrying aboug getting jiffed for ops. Oh, and enjoy swinging the lantern and getting your old war stories out, cos that's exactly what the young crows want to hear, not some ex inf Cpl bragging that he transferred to the REME cos it was "easy life".
  14. Well having just finished 2 years in phase 2 out of trade and now know what i know i would never have gone if i knew. thiose things i cant say but all i will say is that for 2 years you will be fighting for promotion against those in the field foece that are doing op tours you go to the bottom of the pile..... and all the red tape you encounter just isnt worth it.......

    these places are just full of empty promises for tradesmen
  15. 'Fraid I have to agree here. When the bulk of the Corps is sitting in BFG/BATUS or Bks then an MTI post is going to make you the 'stand-out guy' on a promo board. However when your peer group has spent time on Ops while you've been in a training unit then the old phrase "Those that can, do; those that can't, teach" It doesn't matter how much MCM Div butter or how good your CR writer is.

    What would you rather have in the "Post" part of your pen picture? Cpl X was Section Comd at ATR ... or Cpl X was a Fitter team leader in Afghanistan?

    I know which was part of my missing out on promotion...