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A top source tells us that we have no restrictions - doesn't mean there'll be any weekends on though!! Depends if the powers-that-be can be bothered. Certainly not anything trade-related!! That'd be a complete waste of MTDs!!
I exceed my MTD'S by September every year - i then get told you cannot train until the next training year - a sudden pause then oh shizer thats 6 months - ok you can have more!!!!

Although recently a rumour went round my BN advising seniors should not go out on weekends unless they were actually doing something - shoudnt they be saying that to the officers!!!!

We be lucky to get 2 week ends a month at this present time - budgets and other bombs and bullsh-t they come up with for cancelling!
We still have 80 days minimum, although we're shut over SC07 as we've been told it's the ME, therefore no career courses at that time,we'll have to fit them in somewhere else.
There are directives to cut MTD's to the minimum this year around 32 days for Sgt and below, this includes your ATD. Doesn't leave much time for anything other than some MATTs training. Budgets are being slashed across the board. So you deploy more and train less! that makes lots of sense :x
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