This may have been done to death however...

I recently found out there is no longer a restriction on MTD's upper limit. At one point i was told its only possible to do up to 55 days per bounty year but couldnt do fewer than 22 (if i remenber correctly). However ive heard the upper limit has now been lifted and its possible to do as much, providing you still do more than 22, as you like. Has anyone else come across this?

Days will still have to be signed off at different stages by various levels of the COC.
itd's done, crack on with the mtd's.
Welcome to the fabled 'second-half-of-the-training-year'!

After having a stab (no pun intended) at projected attendance for training so far and denying anything that was above and beyond 'The Plan' not enough MTDs have been used at which point pay is authorised for pretty much anything and everything in an unsightly scramble to get them used before they are lost from next years budget.

Coincidently this is an excellent combat indicator the higher up in your unit is shit at planning and adapting in an uncertain world.

I believe that 117 is the limit before you become entitled to leave and no matter how desperate they are to burn MTDs they won't pay you to sit on your arse at home.
You can plan all you like, but some Trg events will always boil down to Brecon Bingo.... Plan for 80 and only 19 show up. You've got to, because there'll be more damage done if you plan for 20 and 80 show up!
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