MTDs, when does the counter get reset and other questions

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BoringUsername1, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I've just had a phone call from my PSI about a course. Sadly it must be a new number as despite listening to his messages many times the number is duff.

    It's for DITs (a door opener I understand before anyone groans), but there are a number of things I'm supposed to be up for shortly and I'm wondering if I need to start thinking about MTDs and my options. How many do I get at a local unit for local people and when is the reset button hit on those?

    Are there any standard exemptions, like basic training and so on which don't dent the counter?

  2. In English?
  3. Ask your PS...................oh never mind
  4. Tuesday, with broccoli.
  5. Training year = April 1st - March 31st.
  6. msr

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    Age and IQ?
  7. I'll answer your question as I interpret it. If you go on a number of courses over the next financial year the days for those courses will come off your annual entitlement, whether that is 27, 39, 50, 63 or if your lucky 99 or the magic number of 116.

    If you go on a number of courses of the next financial year and use all of those days up and fail to attend a MATTs weekend, annual camp/course in lieu, then you will not receive your bounty.

    Camp/courses/trade camps/battlefield tours/Recruit weekends/2 week recruit course, etc. all come out of your annual entitlement.

    Your days counter will be reset 1 April 2011.

    Your CoC may submit an application for an extension to your annual entitlement, depending on who you are and how important you are to the bigger picture, as you are just going on your DITs course then I wouldn't hold my breath on getting one.

    I'm sure someone will be along shortly to crayon all over that advice, just remember, it's the internet, I could be a 22 stone civvie with a fetish for squaddie c0ck.
  8. My you've changed then Dev.
  9. 118 118, WAID.
  10. No, not at all, just put on a few stone recently....... :D
  11. Unless you've had an extended training year...
  12. You start the year at April 1st with an allocation usually of 27 days as a trained soldier or 31 as a recruit and this is the minimum you must complete to qualify for your bounty providing you also complete your MATTs. DITs usually takes plae at an RTC over two weekends which will knock 5 off your total. You will also complete a 15 day camp (recruits course for you by the sounds of your post). The remainder of your allocation will be used up on Drill Nights and weekends. Once you are approaching the limit of your allocation your PSAO will approach your RHQ to extend your limit to one of the totals mentioned above depending on how much training they think you will complete during the year up to a 116 maximum.
  13. Seriously these are not the sort of questions a trained soldier should be asking. I assume you are a trained soldier as you are going on a DITS course.

    You only get so many days allocated, every parade night, every weekend comes out of that allocation. The number your PSI left was duff ? Speak to him on your next parade night.

    I hope your DITS presentation isnt on Rocket Science, you'll be screwed.

  14.'s the 4 weekends out of 5 that tickled me - Um that's 48 weekends out of 60 in a year isn't it?

    You need an ADC contract!

    ..and a calculator
  15. msr

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    Funny old world....