MTDs slashed: an ugly rumour?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by HighlandR, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Just heard from a mate in a TA unit based in N.Ireland that Queens UOTC are cutting their MTD's to just 12! And a cut in MATT's, with a reduced bonus. Is this true or just an ugly rumour?
  2. 12 sounds far too low, considering that's not nearly enough days to cover MTQ1/MTQ2 training and also Brigade level responsibilities etc. which OTC's are expected to commit OCdts. to. I've heard (though never from any pay staff) that we've always had 50 MTD's, but once over that limit we use days which those who quit/never turned up didn't use (so in theory we had about 116). Apparently someone got wise to this scheme and put an end to it, so now we only have 50.
  3. I guess the rumours about students never reading the paper are true. Look, Defence is broke. Current operations are underfunded. The TA - that's the bit of the Reserve that provides trained soldiers to support current operations - is currently undergoing some pretty drastic budget cuts. The OTC - which provides no direct support to ops whatsoever - is also getting hit.

    Alles klar ?
  4. MTDs down to 12 seems a bit far. ACF instructors get 27 and paid as Sgts! so i doubt the OTC are down to 12 yet

    but bear in mind a lot of perfectly useful Signallers got laid off by the Army not so long ago for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so standby!
  5. Yes they are being cut in some cases. Don't worry about it, that's what the Adjutant and co are paid for.

    But don't expect that many jollies in the near future - certainly not paid... learn to understand C1 ;)
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Just "highly subsidised" ski trips is the new "highly subsidised and MTDs to boot", so we are led to believe :wink:
  7. You'll find the unit has an overall budget and the object is not to overspend so some will train more days thank others depending what they are doing. Bde tasks do on the whole come from a different budget
  8. The OTC Directive says that 32 days are required for MLDP 1 or 2. Thats about the only solid piece of evidence when it comes to OTC budgets - you could make a case for arguing 32 MTDs x No. on Establishment. In the current climate you would be on a loser. No-one has a specific allocation, as Jagy says the unit has a budget to manage and usually the TM manages the MTD bit. Some folk will get more, balancing out the deadwood and socialites who rarely attend. In rough terms an OCdt costs about £42 a day on average, a senior group A TA bod can be well over £100.
    The authority levels we worked to before the current unpleasantness were that the CO could sanction up to 90 days, Bde up to 116. Above 116 requires a different contract as you hit rules anout pensions and leave at that point and need an "Additional Duties Commitment" or ADC. Currently the TA are working to an absolute upper limit of 50, except in exceptional circumstances. OCdts, bottom of the pecking order....

    In Jagy and I's part of the empire the Bde tasks piece is very well managed - If a unit does a Bde task eg supports a Cadet Camp or provides drivers to another unit it is claimed back from a central pot at Bde. It all ends up being shown against the unit budget tho. There is no mechanism where a soldier can be paid by any other unit than his own.... a unit just gets an "authorised overspend" equal to the cash for the extra tasks. This means that a "proactive" unit doing a lot of Bde tasks could appear to someone just looking at the totals to have overspent its budget or to be spending more than a similar unit. Doing a big long task like the Tattoo Support Group, sending AT Instructors to a few cadet camps, supplying Chefs to others etc could easily add 20% to an OTCs internal training spend.
  9. QUOTC are only gettin 4 days pay for their AT jolly to canada, which is in the region of 2weeks+
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    4 days more than a TA soldier would be getting for the same trip, so best you keep very quiet about it.
  11. well exactly, the TA have more things to worry about than goin on AT.
    Incidentally, anyone know of any TA regts that have been away abroad recently doing such AT-like activities?

    and why keep quiet about it? its no secret.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    1. Soldiers in the TA would love to go on AT - we just don't get paid for it any more.

    2. I am sure some have, but since the budget cuts, they would have been out of pocket.

    3. Because as soon as someone realises that by paying you for AT they are going against the instructions issued concerning budget management, you can expect to see those 4 MTDs disappearing as well.

    And they say A levels haven't got easier, and students are still as clever as they used to be.... :roll:
  13. well regarding point 3 - as their AT exercise will have been in the pipeline for sometime, the whole budget set aside for it would not have been pulled in one go. As with my unit, if anything is on our FOE, then it is to go ahead. If it isnt, then it does not go ahead.
    And whilst budget may now be tighter, AT is still important. And managing budget does not mean cutting out all the fun stuff, it means being able to achieve as much as possible with the finances available, obviously prioritising some exercises over another, but eliminating as little as possible.

    I think OTC is really the only organisation that can still get a full orbat and offer 0 MTDs. What else have students got to do with their time?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I foresee tears ahead.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Really? So your unit is intending to tell CRF that as your jolly was already planned he can go and file his budget directive where the sun doesn't shine? After all, the directive clearly mandated that all AT was to be C1 - I quote: "Training can continue as planned, but TA MTDs are not to be funded (C1 Trg) for the remainder of the FY". In essence, the costs associated with the trip (travel, accom, instruction etc) can still be met if they were already planned and budgetted for, but the MTDs will not be.

    Your budget was reduced within the training year, and this required a revision of the training programme. If you spend MTDs on AT (against instructions) expect to lose other things later in the year. Happy that your officer training courses may not complete this year if the MTD budget runs out?