MTDs? How many do you do?

How many MTDs do you do a year?

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  • 50 to 100 - Training, Courses, and MS keeps you busy

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The current topic of conversation in several threads in this forum are about cuts to MTDs during this training year, and potentially how this is likely to affect training, attendance and commitment.

Some people are indicating they could barely cope with a cruel limitation of 50 MTDs, whilst others believe that this is more than enough to ensure that camp, drill nights and a weekend a month can fit into this quota.

So, how many MTDs do you tend to average in a training year?

(Or are you on ADC since this seems to be a trend at present).


polar69 said:
On average I do 4 parade nights a month and one weekend a month.
Add a two week camp and....


For me, 50 - 100 bracket. Usual attendance as above extras for more time on trg nights, G1, COs conferences etc.
Exactly, and knock off a couple for xmas pissups etc and bobs your uncle.
I dont know when half of the guys in my regiment put the time in , I'd imagine its the gucchi weekends cos you never see some of them for the "hard"* stuff

* Definition of hard may vary according to arm
Between 50 and 100. Courses, trips abroad for NATO competitions, camp, orienteering competitions, football cometitions, shooting cadres and competitions plus weekend exercises.

It all adds up.
Two weekends a month, four drills nights, two or three additional MTDs a month spread out to cover MS and G4, two week camp, a week of AT (organising) and another course or two, usually puts me around the 90-110 mark. :D
I invoiced about 45 last year although in practice probably did 55-60. That's on a national capability, rather than drill nights and the like, with staff (J1) responsibilities.
On average i think i hit the 40-50 days mark without too much trouble. I'm able to do more than 1 weekend a month during the summer months as the football (refereeing) season's not on then. When it is, i balance my availability between the two commitments. We're fortunate though in that our training weekends are flagged-up well in advance so we can plan accordingly for those.
Must have done close to 100 last year. A 4 week course a fair bit of stuff in the week, normal weekends, Wed nights and admin days. Oh and 2 days for a battlefield tour.


116 last year(that i was paid for did much much more in my own time)...doing two jobs at the moment..with a bit of luck it will get better when our new Coy 2ic kicks in later this year...mind you i do all my drill nights and one a month at a platoon out station..dont do the lads any harm to see one of the Coy Heads about......neve did any "jollies" last year
usually for me its 50 to 60, not including the free time i give at home planning emailing phone calls etc...but the training year before last i earned over 6 grand, dont know how many days i did ,but i did a couple of extra 2 week courses aswell as camp. but that is the exception not the norm
I think somewhere about 60-70 MTDs last year. Nearly every weekend, ditto drill nights, and annual camp. The only jolly was the Christmas function, although I did get three weekends for the corps SAAM and associated range weekends.
yeah i was pretty high on the old MTDs last year thru til this year.....try over the second week of december last year! i was on c1 til april lol
The TA is moaning about skill fade and lake of experience but won't provide MTD's to let people go on courses. drill nights, weekends and FTX is over the 50 limit - 1 day a month for drill nights, 2.5 days per weekend and 15 for FTX = 52 MTDs. For my regiment add on 2 ceremonials per year at 2 days each and the expectation of you doing a course a year and you see that it doesn't work out. We're already been told to come in and do drill nights as C1 training and all courses will now be C1 training as well. We are "asked" to do courses to get qualifications that the Regiment needs, as C1, then get told to come in and teach SAA or take PT etc, also on C1!! I think they're taking this VOLUNTEER reserve thing a bit too far, lads will vote with their feet...
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