Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Soldier_5, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. anyone know how many we get per year.

    cheers :D

  2. I was just given my 'running low' warning on 56. I'm not sure on the number tbh think the message that came from my RAO was 90 days. This can be extended to 117 in exceptional circumstances. This has to be authorised from brigade and normally takes 10 weeks to process. (or thereabouts) After that you start running into all sorts of legal crap like paid leave, pension plans, paid sick leave etc. Unfortunately there is no way of opting out of this to get more days. All to do with protecting the employee.

    In most cases an OCdt will not get anywhere near the limit. There are however a few, such as myself, who haunt the TAC. In my unit it will screw 2 or 3 people over every year. Just remember it doesn't matter how much you work during the year, if you don't go to annual camp you don't get your bounty.

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    You got a warning from 56?!
  4. For Gp A TA Bde can authorise up to 116 days, then 117 + is at 2* authority. It is highly unlikely anything over 180 will be paid currently.

    If someone in an OTC is doing these limits then for fcek's sake you can't be doing a proper degree!
  5. For our Bde (43) the allowance over 117 is up to 220. That equates to a full time job if leave weekends and bank holidays are taken into account. Actually a quoted (slightly unfair) reason for the 117 is then you work more than a regular! I.E.

    Start 365
    52 weekends is 104 261
    9 bank holidys 9 252
    Every monday off 52 200
    Half friday off 26 174
    6 weeks leave 30 144
    Weds sports afternoon 26 118

    Voila. Not quite fair but good for a bite.

  6. assuming no bank holidays were on a monday and the 6 weeks leave was not taken on mondays, wednesday afternoons and friday afternoons.
  7. In 1982 I managed 194 days, kept term and got some crappy Lord Lieutenant's Certificate thingy...I also did quite a few days unpaid!! Of course it helped being an HGV driver, knowing almost as much about the servicing of an L56 PH as the professional limber gunner and being in the PSAO and gunner PSI's "good lads club"!
  8. mongoose9 what wing you in at euotc?
  9. When are the MTD reset to zero? The start of the tax year, now?
  10. I believe it's a tax year reset. I vaguely remember being told about budgetary constraints limiting some courses and travel until April, but I was drinking at the time.
  11. That's what i thought, but there seems to be a few people who have been gettings warning over the last few weeks. If it was the tax year the counter would be zero surly?
  12. The tax year starts/ends on the 5th so warnings in the last few weeks would be valid up untill then
  13. My MTDs were reset october / november not with the new tax year. Shame really as I have already done well over 117 days.

    The reason the limit is 117 days is because if you do any more they have to give you holiday pay.
  14. Come to think of it I never got a 'running low' warning
  15. The OTC training year runs from 1 Oct - 30 Sep unlike the rest of the TA who run 1 Apr - 31 Mar. It ties in with the academic year for MTD, ITDs and bounty.