MTDs and Working full (ish) time.

It's about time to ask the question about MTDs again. I've been working more or less full time in the OTC doing all the little jobs that make the psi's jobs easier. As well as those that they wouldn't touch with a barge poll and those that just wouldn't get done. I'm not being big headed, but there are some things that just wouldn't happen without me working there. I am a cog (if only a small cog) in the smooth running of the unit. I enjoy the work that I do as it changes from day to day.

Last year I had the problem that I ran over my 117 days and had to wait for brigade to ok me going up to 140, which took about a month (faster than normal!!!). I was still limited to 140 despite brigade begging our unit to take mtds off their hands.

This year I've recieved a warning that I'm on around 70 and close to the limit of 90!!! So I've basically had to stop working in the TAC meaning there will be jobs that will go undone and the psis will have extra jobs to do that I would have otherwise done for them.

I am trying to apply for more days that will enable me to continue normal training and camps etc, but I realise now my full time work in the TAC is over. Why, if brigade has more MTDs on their hands than they know what to do with, don't they allow people like myself to have extra days so they can do the essential admin work that helps the unit ticking over smoothly?

As I understand it, if you work more than a certain number of days per year (can't remember the exact number) then you get caught by various European legislation and the Army has to provide things like paid holidays, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, pension, etc., etc.

The Army, for some reason, does not want to do this so limits the number of MTDs that you can have.

Hope this helps and I'm sure that others can fill out the detail.

bobos said:
Get a proper job
Hear,Hear.You have obviously been sent down/rusticated/sacked from the groves of Academia,so your justification for being a member of the UOTC has disappeared.

Or is this you?
There is a rule that every OTC must contain a ginger-haired 3rd yearstudent who is retaking a major part of his degree and hangs around the TAC smoking roll-ups and pretending to be a 'squaddie', driving stuff about and helping out in the stores. Although his name is actually Tarquin Featherstonhaugh-Ponsonby, he asks everyone to call him 'Tone' (which nobody ever does)

If you're so busy working to keep the unit from going down the tubes.What are you doing ARRSEing about when you should be getting the Sigs PSI his "BROOOW" :lol:
If you work more than 117 days you become entitled to 10 days paid leave under the additional commitment rules, and an extra days leave for every further 10 days worked. Obviously they don't like having to pay people for not being in. Not sure on the sickness entitlement though - never come accross that.
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