Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by claw, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. I have just been informed that i have reached my qouta of mtds for the year i know i have reached this quite qiuckly by going in for a month and diong near enough every weekend . the heads have said that i can attend but only on c1 training wich i am willing to do .But i find it unfair to cap my mtds as i show the willingness to go in ie and get stuck in .any comments or reply,s if anyone has had theirs capped thanks .claw
  2. you a specialist then?
  3. MTD restrictions are nonsense.

    There isn't a budget in the country that is short of MTDs, just short of intelligence by budget holders to utilise the flexibility that is inherent within the system.

    It's a simple matter of either managing your expectations in advance - thus allowing you sufficient MTDs to fulfil your obligations in a consistent manner, or simply signing a Additional Duties Contract if appropriate.

    If you're just doing days for the sake of it as you are unemployed or something then there may be an argument on equitable grounds, but if you are delivering value and a benefit by being there then this would not apply.

    If you have a role to play within the Unit and that you are being told that due to budget pressure you have to do it on C1 trg, I would simply stop coming in and let them suffer.

    Don't do anything that you are not paid for - it just sends the wrong messages and gets the TA taken for granted..
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. no independent mate
  6. If they are capping at less than 116 then it is indeed a nonsense, as others have posted most units are underspent on MTDs. Even the 116 limit is just legal bull, to stop you claiming leave, pension etc. I understand my Bde is at least 10% underspent on MTDs as at the end of Nov - and Dec-Jan are hardly big months.
  7. Just how many days have you done this year? What rank/appointment do you hold?

    UNICOM would stop paying you once you had met the limit, and someone at RHQ would have to go and change the max days parameter on your record, with JPA, you can get paid as many days as your unit would like, there is no restriction in the IT.

    117 days, you can exceed this magic number, but with my lot it has to be signed off by Bde. Not every one can commit to ADC and doing the same two or three days every week (the other way to get over the 117 days hurdle) so there is the flexibility for key players.

    Your PSAO may just be trying to give you a message
    Your PSAO may be too idle to staff up the request
    You may have been putting your hand up for everything and either you or your troopie has not managed expectations

    Change units, problem gone…..
  8. You With 51st ?

    Heard alot about this in the last few days.... :?