MTD Restrictions

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Having read a number of the recent threads, there seems to be recurring references to MTDs being restricted in certain units/corps/brigades.

    There doesn't seem to be a common restriction, or understanding. Is it misconceptions, individual perceptions of events and information, or is there something in print somewhere about it?

    In essence, the more that MTDs are restricted, the more likely that we'll end up with low level training, skill fade, and poor retention.

    How does that fit with 'the reserve of first choice'?

    What is going on?
  2. No-ones mentioned anything.

    I'll just keep turning up until someone says stop. If that happens, I'm sure there's another worthwhile organisation that will want me.

    Now, where's my old squash raquet?
  3. I feel sorry for those guy limited in the 30 days or so, If I was in one of those units I'd transfer sharpish, that'll learn 'em when people vote with their feet.
  4. we were at first restricted to 30 days,but after no-one turned up for about a 6-7 weeks,this was adjusted to 40.people still are'nt turning up,except to hand kit in,apparently they can get regular cash at asda,or tesco's.we're currently doing one weekend a month,and being paid for 2 1/2 days now,upped from 2 days.we had 9 o.r.'s in this weekend,with as many seniors,plus officers,for a matt sweep weekend,in july?why the fcku are we doing matts so early?then the c.o. asked for volunteers for herrick.why bother,they wont have a clue what to do with their feckin toolboxes when they get there(r.e.m.e. by the way).my battalion seems to have lost it's way somewhat in the whole one army concept,we are not one army,it's a load of boll**ks.anyone can come through the door and be called a v.m. or v.e.,when in fact they are neither,just a part time,part trained soldier,and it grips my sh*t.anyway rant over,by the way i did volunteer!
  5. Everybody in 34 Signal Regt has had their days cut. Apart from the CO who is on Rockstar wages. People on potential officer schemes range from 29-45 days and youve still got to pass unit specs and MATTS. It's not possible with 29 days to do both. Also you bother your ass to pass sandhurst and then you've got no one to look after in you runit. Officer recruitment is extremelt low and they have now dealt it a further blow! Whats the point?
  6. Where are you? - same Bde as 34SR?
  7. There does seem to be a trend non teeth arms seem to be alot more tighter on mtd, my battalion (6th rifles) have no limits at all
  8. That's 5 more than we had in.

    We had 4 juniors and 3 seniors in barracks (plus 2 officers and 3 seniors away on a CPX).

    Does a letter from the CO count ? If so then yes.
  9. I know of one infantry unit that is on 35 days.
  10. None in my outfit(7 Scots)...Lots of thing on the go they are crying out for guys to do things...never seen it so busy.. :wink:

    Might be the head sheds of some units jumping the gun again..saw iy happen couple of years a go...cut right back untill Jan then a "MTD Fest"... 8O
  11. i know one infantry unit that is my local one where i used to be and still have a few freinds there

    have been told there is only 2 weekends between now & march cause they have overspent big style in from this years budget. the only priority is recruit training for them but whats the point recruiting all these troops if once trained they cant come and join the rest.
  12. 19, but then I'm Special Needs ... sorry, that should read "Specialist". :)

    Although apparently I can get more if I'm attached...
  13. But you are not paid through MTDs are you :)
  14. 4? - ouch!

    what does the letter say? - his decision or Bde's?
  15. No restrictions down here in London, perhaps due to our bankrolling two afghan deployments back to back (one composite transport Troop having just returned and a Squadron on the way out)as a result perhaps we have secured adequate MTDs for this training year?

    I cant imagine how an RLC DROPS unit can maintain/ train enough drivers on restricted MTDS, considering the amount of license acquisition courses required, means that it can take up to three years to train DROPS operators at the present rate from entry as being a civilian without a Cat B licence. Throw in the new drivers hours regime and WFM, it has the potential to destroy a unit rapidly.

    This is also a vicious circle, cut MTD’s lead to soldiers not being adequately trained, and toms leaving, so a unit that cant fulfil its mobilisation requests, might further have its MTD allocation slashed. A real false economy if ever I saw one.