MTD Questions

Once you reach 50 MTDs, what happens?

Are you told not to turn up/ Expected not to attend?
Do you or can you just go to C1/2 and crack on?
Is working over the 50 MTDs frowned upon or is is personal choice?

msr will be along soon to tell you to ask your PSI ;)

In my case it's frowned upon and it is up to TCs and TSMs to advise on MTD allowance, I know a number of people went on courses on C1 after asking CofC permission. It probably differs on a unit to unit basis.


Before the cuts in, going over the limit of MTD's (Whatever it was) for me never caused a problem. But since the cuts the limit is the limit, and if you go over them but expect to be paid for anymore days you have to run each extra MTD through the PSAO who decides if it's worthy enough to pay you for it.


Your PSAO can apply to your Bde HQ (usually via the TM) for an MTD extention. This application will need to be supported by a justification for the extra days - "wants to do more" or "fancies an extra camp" will just not cut it. Essential work to support Ph1 training or prep for Ops usually does.

Want more MTDs? Train recruits or go on Ops.
Im more than happy to go on ops and have asked but ive been told I need to be in a year and have a trade so soon as someone sorts some training out for me that ive asked for, happy days ..

But it was more about the days than the pay side of things, there are more training days between now and april than I have avail to me and wondering if all of a sudden im going to be treated as the black sheep or if I can just carry on minus the pay ...
Sounds like I just need to clear it with SPSI et al ... Judging by the big lets keep the battery together speech when we had the £20mill ditched ... i'll be pretty pissed if they say 50 days then end ex till following years MTDs come into play ...


The only people that can answer that question are in your unit, as different units may have a different approach to the problem.

As ever, ask your PSI or PSAO.
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