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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by PartTimeGeordie, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know our mtd limit, and if its measured from bounty (october) or tax yar (april)?
  2. 80 days I believe, I think it's a standrad thing. After that you need to apply to the appropriate X through your CO for an extension, which I think allows for up to 120. There's no probs getting extensions though with the number of guys from TA on deployment there's an abundance of MTDs
  3. 35 days OC/TM approval and apply for all days required so when you hit 35 list all further training/exercises up to 100 days then regt will OK if you're a good sort :wink: beyond 100 needs district/Bde approval and there is a cap at about 120 which you can not exceed or else you are due leave(so rumour has it)

    I do around 80 a year :roll: and have no problems as I fill out a forcast when I reach 35 and get prior approval.
  4. I average 85 days a year and never have any hassle. And that's green stuff not including adv trg, they just use the troop training schedule.
  5. White Horse
    You are right the limit is actually 117 MTDs then you get the leave. Sometimes TA pax reach this limit or exceed it and no-one sees fit to point it out. The two times I exceeded 117 days i saw my PSAO and he put me in for the ten days leave by putting it in as days when I had not trained (all legal and above board). The formula is days 30x(days done)/360. However at 117 MTRDs there is a step function i.e. no leave under that limit, if you exceeded this by 1 day you get (118/360)*30 or 9.8 days (I do not know if it rounds up or down).
    One furhter thing...there is NO weaseling by the system on this one. We had guys saying they would do over the 117 limit and not take the hoilday days. This cant be done!!
  6. erk, Ive done about 70 so far and havent filled in any forcasts
  7. Anyone know when a year is meastured from for otc? With camps and expeds this summer ill be at around 90 - 95 days between last october and this.

    If its october to october like the bounty i might be in trouble but if its done on the tax year i should be fine (untill next april!).
  8. Pretty sure its tax years mate
  9. ulotc runs it from october. 50 days unquestioned 70 with good reason 70+ with district approval upto 117
  10. i'm sure the admin chappie at london told us that we were allowed 70 days without being questioned orifice, though i could be wrong never heard of this 50 days unquestioned limit.
  11. That was the RAO's official line last summer camp if your blood adled alcohol stream fed brain can remember back that far. This was when the RAO was the RAseniorWO (WO1).
  12. i also heard it was 70 days although i went over it last year and got paid.
  13. I'm not sure, but I think the otc gets a lump of training days proportional to the numbers on the books, and then they can distribute them accordingly. This is why they are so keen to keep non-attenders and leavers on the books. It also explains how I've done well over 100 mtds this past tax year. Cashback
  14. aha, useful info
  15. Hang on, let me get this straight, in reality it doesn't matter how many days an individual does as long as the unit doesn't go over its whole unit allocation?