MTD cuts in the Aussie TA


No such thing in Oz as Bounty though and you have to pass 2 PFTs each year just to stay in. If you fail you get re-tests and fail that show cause why you shouldn't be discharged.


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surely its 2 pft at matt level 3 or no bounty and 2 pft and 1 cft for levels 2-1 ?
them: Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, has pledged to make the reserve force even "more relevant".

us: Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup.

Aussie MATTs are called AIRN = Army Individual Readiness Notice.

It does not include any Bounty payment, which is a shame.

You must be AIRN compliant to continue to serve and need to do:

2 x PFTs a year (6 months apart)
1 x CFT
WHT then LF3 on WTTS (an indoor simulated range)
Be dentally and medically fit

All the compulsory lectures like V&S are there as well.

Aussie TA units do two AIRN weekends a year to keep up.
Another point our MOD might like to consider:

Australian Army:

26,611 (Regular)
15,892 (Active Reserve)
12,496 (Standby Reserve)

Whats that about more cuts in the TA ?
Its not just numbers though.

I'll bet the Aussie TA are going to come under a lot of pressure in the near future.

They don't have TELIC and HERRICK to fall back on to justify their existence at the moment. Its virtually impossible to get on a tour in Oz which is a real shame as they are well trained.
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