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I am writing this on behalf of my husband, any advice from somebody with similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

He was diagnosed with a MTbi as a result of close encounter IED strikes, one significant in Mar 2012.
Awarded Level 13 tariff in Oct 2015. Did not receive treatment from MTbi team at DMRC Headley court until late 2015, finally discharged from DMRC Mar 2016.

Received a letter saying the decision is final and no change.

He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2013, awarded level 12 tariff in Oct 2015, finally medically discharged in Jun 2016.

Received a letter saying decision is final and no change.

Since discharge he had been up and down as I'm sure anybody with relative experience can understand, been to the doctors and tried getting help from local head injury clinic and CMHT. Finally started to get help last December.

He has done nothing but try and avoid the whole situation, he is on a lot of prescribed medication and due to our financial situation has always had to work.

We are in the north west of Northern Ireland and it seems help isn't that easy to access, he had always been very withdrawn and does not want to fight for anything but I believe he is entitled to more than what has been thrown at him. Am I right or wrong?

Apart from doctors notes and his most recent psychiatric appointments he doesn't have much 'hard evidence' which he admits is his own fault for just trying to get on with life as he puts it.

We will be trying to get on board with the RBL and search for other charities within the province.

Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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