MTB courses?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by betterlatthennever, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. How do i go about finding/booking mtb courses?

    Theres nothing on JSAT about it so i guess its under a different organisation?
  2. I tried applying through ATG (A) for a trail cycle leader course, but MLT is a prerequisite to being loaded, as is a civvie HSE qual. I queried this with ATG (A) and they said that there are courses run at Llanwrst, but i'll be buggered if I can find any info other than an out of date DIN with last years course dates on it.
  3. Log on to armynet chaps.

    There is a full list, might be worth waiting for the next Training Year list (should be out this month, for April 13 to March 14).

    The MLT may have been dropped now, as there is a feeder foundation course, not sure if Indi run one, might be at bala hulish. It's a new, and popular course. good luck.
  4. I did an MTB course with the RNR, up and down the Solent, great fun. But not the same I think...
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  5. Where about on Armynet is the list please? The only list of courses that I can find is on the ATG(A) site, which is the one that has the MLT prereq.
  6. Chocolate_frog, I think I've found the list that you are referring to, PDF joint service mountain biking scheme poster? Unfortunately, I have tried getting in touch using the contacts on the poster, the emails get bounced back and nobody answers the phone.
  7. That is the TCL. It has been replaced. JSP 419 has the detail.

    You may have to wait for this Training Years course schedule for dates
  8. Ah, OK, thanks for the advice.
  9. Our unit is running a MTB Trail leader & Coaching course in catterick in the last week in Jan.

    we have 2 guys doing the coaches qualification & 4 on the MBLTL. This course was locally organised using Home » MBCUK run by Chip Rafferty ex APTC and UK mountain biking guru.

    The guys looked at getting onto the Army/Military courses but the waiting list was ridiculous, so we're using our SLC (standard learning credits) the course is costing us £38 each.

    After the course is done we submit a log book with our rides and qualifications it all equates to the military qualification, so Job Jobbed.
  10. Thanks for the info, i found the page on armynet and as said above,it looks like its a waiting game for dates.