Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by dave1450, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Just out of curiosity,

    Has anybody any experience with them? I have been out of the Army for about 30 years and for some odd reason feel the need for one of these little dirt bikes and I wonder has anybody any exerience on them?

    I have looked at civvy sites and they seem pretty reliable, bit has anybody any comments on them?


  2. DAve

    I have ridden MT350s in various enduros and they are i fnothing else reliable. The engine is the sleeved down Rotax lump that used to power the Armstrong 500. They are very heavy and underpowered but would make a good green laner or commuter, just dont count on overtaking many other road users. They are incredibly easy to work on but have that crazy oil in the frame design that Suzuki employed with their DR range.

    I have seen the MT350s for sale on civvy websites and I must admit I wouldn't pay £900-1000 for one. I would rather look for an XR Honda or DR Suzuki.

    The choice is yours, if its an ex MoD bike you know that it will have been over serviced and probably ridden by some squaddie that had no mechanical sympathy. On the whole though they are quite bullt proof ( pardon the pun)

    Hope this helps.

    GH 749
  3. The old 500 was ok. Not played on a 350 meself but they should be reliable enough.
  4. Should be able to get a good and well maintained one from here
  5. Reliable as hell and easy to work on with cheap parts easy to come by. Great for some thing different but as others have pointed out they're heavy and sluggish. Better of with a DR or even an old XT.
  6. Thanks guys,

    I just have this itch...bikers are like that. I may well get one later in the year as it may be that bit cheaper (tight, who me?). Its only for fun and pissing off one or two Harley riders... :D