MT350 Workshop Manual

Discussion in 'REME' started by newbee, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. I dont suppose any of you hard working VM's out there can get your hands on the above manual for a few beer tokens?
  2. Don't tell me you bought one ?????
  3. Sturdy well priced bike, yes i know you dont get the service history etc, but the ones we had in the marines didnt get used a great deal as the powers above said you had to have done the MP bike course!! the fact i had been riding bikes for years didnt come into it.

    The link to that particular manuel is just a guide used for training, i was trying to get the actual AESP if poss.

  4. visit
    MT Riders CLub

    They have all the manuals online for download, loads of really knowledgeable MT owners and a great source for spares and advice.

  5. 350? Yuck! :D

    I prefer my Bombardier Can-Am 250 … now that's a gucchi bit of kit, Fast as f*ck and handles like a dream.

  6. Top link!

  7. You had to do a training package to ride the bike OFFROAD, this was due to a number of people with a bike license trying to climb trees on various training areas due to not enough training or experience as a don r. As for sturdy....Ive snapped frames, swing arm, god knows how many footpegs to mention just a few bits. Its miles underpowered due to the crap carb fitted and the detuning of the engine,not to mention the 350 bit :(