Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. just done selection this weekend, anyone else go for it?
  2. That was quick o_O

    How many people were there just out of interest?
  3. I was there on the 27th how did you do?
  4. about 185 were there,

    i think i did ok, had the flu or really bad cold so it made it quite hard.

    you were there the 27th for the medical or are you in already?
  5. I was there, what number were you all?
  6. i was 85, who were you, you werent the ACF guy i met at the medical were you?
  7. Aha yes I was. You the ATC guy? What did you think to the weekend?
  8. ATC thats me! everyone seemed to be from the ATC though,

    i hated the weekend largely due to having the flu, when i get my letter saying im in I'll enjoy the weekend if you know what i mean

  9. wonder why :wink:
  10. wonder why? i don't no
  11. ACF, ATC - what's the difference?
  12. army cadet force (untidy buggers) and the Air Training Corps

    hell of a difference
  13. Well, without wanting to stereotype, ATC cadets are more likely to go to university due to their backgrounds
  14. from my squadron very few have gone to university, in my 6 years in the corps only one person left to go university,

    ATC cadets tend to be more academic but they tend to be not well off, many really poor
  15. Well yeah not all of them go to uni but what I'm getting at is that they are more likely to go to university - hence why OTC's contain a lot of ex-ATC/CCF cadets and one or two ACF cadets.

    About 8 from my squadron went to uni just out of interest