msrs passion for the TA re-ignited

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Right - I have transferred to 103 Regt RA(V) and can now confirm that my passion for the TA has been re-ignited.

    Bring it on.

  2. Good to hear MSR.

    Mine is still there, in spite of valiant attempts to park it in the bottom left corner of the morale box by interfering busybody jumped up over promoted blanket stacker arse-kissing fresh out of Sandhurst fat retard females this week.

    ....and breathe.
  3. Welcome to the dark side msr. We'll now let you in on all the dodgy hats, cordite sniffing and slide rules that go to make the black art of gunnery.

    Can I come and play too? Light Gun's funnery gunnery!

  4. msr

    msr LE


    I can stongly recommend 103 to anyone who is missing the 'buzz' in their current unit.


  5. Hope you got the funky green hat with the capbadge on the right!

  6. Delighted to read that the traditional R Anglian welcome extended to new 2Lts still continues to this day in Pompadour country despite the move to trucks. :D
  7. I thought 103 Regt RA(V) was Artillery? I thought someone said Royal Anglian then.. I only posted because I'm joining the "steelbacks" 3rd Royal Anglian :)

    *I also thought that if I am incorrect I might have the pleasure of meeting MSR one day ;) hehe
  8. Is this the way to go? Sadly 103 are to far north for me, so I sit at home waiting for my 3 month LOA to end so I can sign off. After 19 years the Mess kit is gone, as have the No1's and all the other stuff that clutttered my study. Will I miss it? I already do....
  9. Yes, it's a regiment of the Royal Artillery.
  10. Congratulations on raising your standards from that of simple Scaley to the exalted position of Gunner :D

    Now, about those guns that need cleaning ..............
  11. Welcome to the Gunners MSR!!! Woo!! Yay!!


    Well, if 105mm of light gun doesnt reignite your passion then you truly a lost cause!!

    See you soon mate....

  12. Be careful though, artillery discharges are a major cause of "Gunner Ear."
  13. Well done! Shame about it being 103 though...
  14. So MSR have you done the dress code yet? From what I've seen its pick a set of trousers from either No1, No2, C95, oxfam or Barracks. Do the same for the top (ensure it doesn't match the trousers) .... gawd knows for the hat
  15. Now you can talk shop in the mess all you want, and wear brown slip-ons to dinner nights. Congrats. Say 'hi' to your very own WO2 shadow for me!