MSR stoves Vs Jetboil

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brettarider, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Been reading the threads on both items on here head to head whats the better buy Wisperlight or the jet boil understand both have their pro's and con's si if you had to pick between the 2 why?
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    That's a bit of a strange comparison. The jetboil will be faster, but you'll have to pack plenty of gas in your kit, it seems to require a fairly full canister to work properly. The MSR will burn all sorts of fuel so is ideal if you can't get a gas resupply. I believe gas is also supposed to be pants in v cold conditions, should that be a factor.

    So, to actually answer the question, i'd have the jetboil, as i don't generally go out and about for more than a few days.
    If i was deploying somewhere, it'd be the Wisperlight.

    I actually have a MSR pocket rocket. Slightly slower than the jetboil, but tiny, and easier on the gas consumption.

  3. Skip the whisperlite look at the dragonfly

    both are different. Jetboil is gas canister dependant and small, whisperlight is multifuel and little bigger. Gas is a little more tactical, until it comes to resupply. Multifuel is good whenever you are near any type of fuel, but sounds like an apollo rocket taking off.

    Hexi comes with the CQ and the water and is better for those longer exercises on foot. Having a micro gas stove for quick brews is good if you have the capacity.

    The sierra stove looks like a good upgrade of a hexi stove, but looks a bit mickey mouse and flimsy. Only saw one over in uk a decade or so ago
  4. I've got the Jet Boil and it is rather good, hot scoff and brew in a minute, ideal.

  5. As said above depends what you want it for, whilst ive used a friends jetboil and was impressed how quick it boiled however as soon as the gas level started to drop it got slower to boil, add to this having the problems of having a supply of gas cylinders. also doesn't like the cold.

    MSR Stoves i use the msr xgk ex IMHO is the best it burns most fuels, and packs down the smallest (some msr stoves only burn unleaded etc not diesal) very powerful does a boil in the bag in about three minutes depending on fuel, on the down side learning how to simmer takes a bit of practice, its a bit more complex than a jetboil.

    My choice is the MSR XGK EX bit more complex but robust always works, fuel is whatever can be scrounged,

    my 2peneth worth
  6. Anyone tried sitting the jetboil mug on the MSR stove?

    no fuel issue, packs inside the mug and the reason jetboil is so quick is the fins on the bottom of the mug so should still be quick with a different burner??

    might need to lose the neoprene cover though...
  7. Have to say the MSR DRagonfly - it takes slightly more effort to set up but still 2minutes in the grander scheme of things...! And has already been mentioned itll run on practically anything, even swamp after a heavy night on the lash.
  8. Jetboil is a Mug and a cooker in one if you want.
    You can fit the fuel can inside it.
    It boils a brew in 90 seconds!
    The smallest fuel can lasted me 3 days of 3 meals a day and numerous brews on exercise
    It fits snugly into a water bottle pouch.
    It eliminates the need for a set of mess tins and or metal mug (Poviding on the same shopping spree you buy a £3 folding travel bowl for washing and shaving) If not i assume you could use it for washing and shaving but not ideally!
    In an emergency its designed so you can throw solid fuel (hexi) underneath it and crack on.

    Im not much of a kit monster but when i seen one in action for a couple of days i bit the arm off the PRI when i got in!

    £50 Plus 2 Gas bottles small and my wee folding Bowl! Result!
  9. Jetboil is suitable if you're in UK/Eur and living on ORP, there's nothing faster when all you need is to boil water. Although they have now become popular in UK/HMF they have been sold in the US ages ago.

    If you are deploying anywhere by air, then it's a no-go. You cannot fly with gas, you cannot post gas. If you are taking vehicles then do not expect gucci kit to be still on the veh after transit (anyone remember Saif Sareea in 2001). If you manage to get one out on a flight with you then how you gonna resupply with gas in theatre ?

    For prolonged periods (anywhere) and/or cold conditions then the MSR type stoves are very good and resupply of fuel becomes less of a drama. However, Crab-Air will not fly this kit either. If they only take the bottle off you, the stove becomes useless without the bottle as it's an integral part of the system.

    Some gas mixes can be used in extreme cold, gas is used on Everest summit attempts to produce water from ice/snow.

    My advice is go with Jetboil for UK use only, hexi or multi-fuel if deploying overseas with vehicles and just hexi for everything else.

    Jetboil pans are available and can be used with hexi, note this is a normal cooking pan with all the whistles and bells of the jetboil mug but it can be used on any stove.

    There is no answer to 'which is best' questions, it all depends on what the user is doing. I wouldn't expect to see Alan Hinkes using hexi over 8,000m and I wouldn't expect to see cadets using £120 a pop multi-fuel burners to heat boil-in-a-bag for a weekend at STANTA.
  10. will crabair STILL confiscate an empty(never been filled) msr fuel container ??? :roll: i can understand a filled one, or even one with vapour in it...but brand new ? then fill it in theatre??? or is this too much to ask / expect?
  11. Need an answer from our light blue/MOVCON friends for this, but in the past I have even had the hexi frames (note - no hexi, just the frame) taken from me, and I have seen numerous gas cans and peak stoves taken from people. I have several friends who took new multi-fuel stoves to various places and I watched them give them to the locals (en-route to places or prior to departing following the trip) rather than the RMP/Mov Det get their hands on them.

    If you take an new/empty bottle and fill in theatre, what if you re-deploy/move by a/c after that ? If you go through an MCCP, assume you will have anything like this taken from you, unless someone here knows different.

    My experience with CrabAir/Movements is that it is too much to expect, and I am not normally one for knocking the Crabs who support us. I'd like to know the definitive answer myself, and whether what I have seen in the past is over-zealous procedures or part of the normal deal.
  12. took a whole load on canadian crab air- just as facist as uk. answer is to vent for 48hours before and to quote their regs back at them. Jerrycans on landies have to be vented for 48hrs before flying, (IIRC from 24amb and 5stillborn) and the same can be persuaded with sigg bottles. Also don't leave it red- bit of harry maskers. don't ram regs down a movers throat, they just get arrsey
  13. Another option is to leave the red fuel bottle at home, instead pack your stove without bottle, then fill an ordinary sigg bottle with water and take it on as "something to drink".
    As far as I am aware there is no difference between sigg fuel bottles and drinks bottles.
  14. thanks for the answers fellas, i like that idea.