msr stoves any good??? practical???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jastard_back, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Considering buying an MSR stove most likely the XGK model just wondering if anyone has used them?? are they practical for exercise and ops?? Do they fit into webbing pouches etc??
  2. I've got a few MSR stoves. Of the multifuel variety I own a Dragonfly. I've never had any problems with it and found MSR to produce well made, good quality kit.
  3. I have had a whisperlite for about 6 years now, never had a problem with it. The fuel bottle doesnt quite fit in webbing pouch, but in daysack its fine. They are also multi fuel so you can "liberate" fuel from almost anywhere, saves on carrying gas canisters
  4. I find the smaller fuel bottle does fit in a utility pouch so no probs there. Also worth having a look at this link....
  5. I have also go the whisperlight very good piece of kit, a couple of fuel bottles last ages. The smaller bottles does fit into webbing.
  6. I've got a whisper light that works well on any sort of fuel. It did gum up on Telic 1 after 3 months of burning the local deso. A quick once over with the cleanin tool and running on a couple of days on petrol sorted it out. They seem to like a mixture of deso and kero best. Invest in a swedish fire stick as a lighter. they cost about £8 and never run out. Best of all it will throw a load of sparks so you can light your stove from a safe distance.
  7. Question....

    been looking at MSR kit..... seems v v expensive....

    Is it worth it? am i loking in the wrong shop?

    is it better than the mini trangea i have now?

  8. Trangia is a nasty piece of tin shit, its huge and boils water at the rate of climate change. you can't tell if they are burning because of the invisible flame and they are a bastard to put out.

    MSR or Primus equivilants are robust, small, run on anything that whiffs and produce a litre of boiling water in 3 minutes 30 seconds or less. they are however about as tactical as a big pink thing roaring away like a jet engine. the flame burns at about 900c and it needs practice to get it all right, but its the dogs danglies.

    a small MSR bottle (300ml) of unleaded - 30p's worth - will provide at least 3 days worth of hot food and hot drinks in cold conditions.

    MSR and Primus are expensive, but you get what you pay for.
  9. MSR XGK EX packs down quite small boils water like nothing else. Its expensive but bombproof and just think never have to buy any gas ever again.

    Only had mine for a few months but so far excellent.